21 / 11 / 2022

Umbraco V7 is coming to an end: now what?

Technology and software are continuously adapting. In the same way that your phone often needs upgrading, CMS platforms do too, find out more about Umbraco 7 end-of-life and what this means for your website...

Umbraco CMS upgrades are designed to provide organisations with a more secure and optimised digital platform.

Whilst the websites that have not been upgraded to the latest version may still work, they will eventually become much slower to operate and are likely to develop a few glitches, as well as become vulnerable to security threats.

Think about it, if everything around them is speeding up and evolving to meet the continuously demanding needs of users, the current platform is going to struggle to keep up.

Put simply, updated versions will respond faster with improved features and functionality. With this in mind, we wanted to highlight that Umbraco 7 has seen its day and is stepping aside to let the next generation of software takeover. In case you're wondering what this means, we wanted to answer a few commonly asked questions.

What does it mean when software reaches 'end-of-life'?

End-of-Life (EOL) refers to a product or software no longer being supported by a specific manufacturer. Lifecycles are a common process within software, this ensures the manufacturer continuously focuses on creating bigger and better versions. This helps to fix bugs and ensures there are no firmware updates.

Say 'goodbye' to Umbraco 7...

Next year, in September 2023, Umbraco 7 will come to EOL, ten years since it launched. Does your organisation use Umbraco 7? If so, there's no need to panic, we've written this blog to give you plenty of notice and time to think about what's next for your organisation.

Recently Umbraco has undergone some crucial changes regarding its development product roadmap. In 2021, Version 7 went into the security-only function, which means that only updates and issues relating to security are being processed. Therefore, those using this version are not receiving all of the support that they could.


Once Umbraco 7 has reached the end, could it be a security risk?

If you continue to use the software, it may pose a threat to your organisation. Even though you can still use it, it's strongly advised not to. Without any updates or security patches, your company website may be at risk of cyber attacks.

Your organisation will become a very easy target for hackers, giving them a simple entry point. It's not a risk worth taking, the stats speak for themselves:

  • 1 in 4 social housing organisations were hit by cyber-attacks in 2020 (RSM)
  • Around 32% of organisations have a breach of security because of the CMS system (Storyblok)
When an organisation gets hacked, the costs associated can be huge, from reputational damage to regulatory fines and a breach of GDPR.


Will an outdated platform impact website performance?

If you choose to not update your platform, you will also miss out on a range of improvements and updates meaning the CMS will not perform as well as it should. Outdated software could impact site speed and is also likely to get stuck behind developed functionality.

By using the most updated platform, your website will be in a better place to connect with tenants, improve their digital experience as well as improve your organisation's efficiencies.

What about websites currently using Umbraco V7?

For those who are currently using Umbraco V7, when September 2023 comes around, your site will become a higher security risk.

It's a good idea to start planning the upgrade as soon as you can. This is because there is no specific upgrade path from version 7 to version 10 because the newest system is an LTS version that supports the Microsoft .NET 6 framework. This can take up to a year to complete, factors which can influence how long a system takes to upgrade include:

  • Redesigns
  • Starting version
  • Website scope and size
  • System functionality
  • APIs and integrations

So, even though September might feel like a while off, this time should be used wisely to get yourself prepped. Will you redesign your whole website, or just move your current one? It's a good rule of thumb to refresh your site every few years so that additional features and updates can be added. So, maybe take this time to think about whether you want a complete refresh.

What next?

Whether you are planning on redesigning your whole website or shifting it from one platform to another, we are here to help. With many years of experience in designing and building websites, mobile apps, chatbots and much more, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Since 1998, we have been supporting housing associations in creating extraordinary digital experiences. 

Contact us today to get started.

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