Shift! How to make channel shift happen in housing

The new paperback book from Prodo written for UK housing professionals and available to purchase on Amazon now


About Shift!

From the back cover:

"We believe there’s a lack of common understanding and practical advice on implementing digital transformation programmes in the housing space.

This book draws on our experience of delivering such programmes and includes insights from UK housing professionals who talk frankly about their experiences of running channel shift projects."


Four steps to progress

Today's consumers are used to receiving fast, simple and instant service online, regardless of the organisation they’re dealing with. Now, Housing associations must live up to these same expectations as they roll out new channels of communication to their tenants.

In Shift! we describe four key hallmarks of successful channel-shift projects in the housing space to help make this happen:

1: Mindset | 2: Planning | 3: Delivery | 4: Measurement & improvement

We’ve incorporated personal insights from professionals working in the sector, practical advice gleaned from past projects and stats from our 2018 channel-shift survey to provide a deep-dive into all stages that can be picked up by housing professionals at any point in their digital transformation journey.

About the authors


Pippa Adams

Pippa is founder and CEO of Prodo, having started the digital agency in 1998. She's been working with social housing clients for over 15 years, consulting with 40+ housing associations, delivering tangible benefits to the organisations and their customers.



Rob Walker

Rob is Head of Product at Prodo and specialises in developing SaaS products for the housing sector. Rob is passionate about harnessing technology to transform and simplify complex services for the benefit of users and organisations alike.