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Next session: 29th August, 11am
Agenda: The Power of Customer-Led Digital Design in Social Housing

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Discover the transformative impact of customer-led digital design on tenant services and engagement.


In this session, we will delve into the principles of designing digital solutions that prioritise tenant needs and preferences. Through a detailed case study featuring Stepping Stone Projects, we will illustrate how simply adapting digital processes—such as shifting from email to SMS for customer registration—can significantly improve accessibility and user experience, based on need.


We are pleased to be joined by Sarah, a Digital Transformation Specialist from Stepping Stone Projects. Since its establishment in 1984 in partnership with Rochdale Council, Stepping Stone Projects has expanded its support for vulnerable individuals at risk of homelessness across the North-West. Their services focus on empowering customers with the skills and confidence needed to achieve stable, independent living.


Additionally, Thom Shackleford, Prodo's Product Manager, will share insights into how ongoing consultations with housing providers and their residents directly inform the development of digital solutions. Thom's experience in prioritising features based on real-world feedback ensures that the products remain aligned with tenant needs and enhance service delivery.


Key highlights include:

  • The importance of customer-led digital design in enhancing tenant satisfaction and engagement.
  • Practical insights into the design process that centres on user needs and experiences.
  • A case study on improving accessibility through SMS-based registration and authentication, featuring insights from Stepping Stone Projects.
  • Thom Shackleford's perspective on how continuous collaboration with housing providers and tenants shapes effective digital solutions.

This webinar offers valuable perspectives on the benefits of customer-driven digital design and practical strategies for implementing such approaches in social housing.


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“I love that the Housing Hive gives me a chance to engage with other housing professionals, who I wouldn’t usually get to speak with. The success stories have been great, as have the ideas from across the sector!”

Justine Thompson, Lead Transformation Partner at Silva Homes


What is The Housing Hive?

Prodo has been working in the housing sector as a leading digital partner for over 16 of our 21 years and one of the main reasons we love the sector, is different association’s capacity to share best practice with each other.

Now more than ever, we’re seeing the community collaborate and rapidly evolve its response to the COVID-19 outbreak, breaking new boundaries across digital transformation and communication. 

We wanted to play our part in this collaboration, so decided to bring together as many social housing professionals from across the country together in this very unusual time of change to support each other, share ideas of what’s worked and discuss what the new future may look like. And from that, The Housing Hive was born!


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