06 / 01 / 2021

Prodo's approach to designing your new website

Since 1998, we've been helping businesses create extraordinary digital experiences, find out our approach to web design...

Since 1998, (yep, that’s right - we're in our 20s!) we've been helping businesses create extraordinary digital experiences. Whilst our expertise covers all aspects of the digital world we have a large focus on design and development of web builds and genuinely care about delivering results that provide real, measurable value to our customers.


Our approach...

We want to do everything we can to ensure we hit all of your requirements and achieve your vision. To help us do this, we work through a thorough process guided by a dedicated project manager who will be there to support every step of the way:


Step 1: Consultancy

We’ll work with you to fully understand what your website needs to have, be and do in order to align with your business goals and what your new and existing customers want from your business. We’ll also speak to relevant contacts about any integrations and if possible, we’ll look to engage with customers and internal stakeholders to ensure they have a voice in the project.


Step 2: Specification

At this point, we agree on what the exact scope of the project is and what functionality is needed by producing a detailed specification document. This helps ensure we’re all on the same page and everyone is clear what’s being delivered.


Step 3: Wireframes, prototypes and design

We’ll wireframe out the basic layout of your shiny new site to ensure everything that needs to be included is considered. If it’s a particularly complex site, we may even create prototypes to help bring the user journeys to life.

Once we have this locked in, your dedicated designer will step in: we’ll get familiar with your brand guidelines, look at competitor websites to understand what works (and what doesn’t) and pull all of our collective inspiration into a series of engaging designs for your new website.


Step 4: Development & Testing

This is where our development team breathes life into your designs. Our highly-skilled developers will begin writing the code that makes your site function, testing as they go – and will also work alongside any third party providers to make integrations happen. This is a chance for us to run final tests to check everything works as we’ve planned, and you’ll get access to test and approve the whole site yourself.


Step 5: Training & Population

We’ll provide detailed training on your website to help you get comfortable with the back office controls that let you customise your site. We take a ‘train the trainer’ approach, equipping you with all the knowledge you need to train others that may want to edit the site now or in the future. Typically, we’ll start population at this point too.


Step 6: Launch & Support

Once population is complete we’re ready to go live! But our partnership doesn’t end here, in fact in many ways this is just the beginning.

Our support services range from simple maintenance packages to ensure the site continues to run securely, right through to growth packages where we work with you to make improvements to the site based on insights gained from visitor behaviour on our website.

Prodo offer three levels of support packages to suit all budgets and ambitions, including:

  • Our minimum support offering, Maintain is geared around ensuring the health and essential security of your site. Each month, Prodo will carry out base testing exercises, take care of security patches and will be on hand if required for outage recovery.
  • Maintain & Evolve - includes all the above plus extra allocated resource designed to allow you to make small development changes and safety changes.
  • Maintain, Evolve & Grow again, includes all of the above plus extra allocated resource designed for data-driven improvements based on an agreed roadmap of development.

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