Digital Self-Service

Self-service portals allow your customers to access information or undertake transactions with your business without having to directly interact with a member of staff.

We've built many of these platforms, tightly integrated with back-office systems to increase business efficiency complimented by user-centric design that helps increase adoption among customers.


“Prodo have taken our digital transformation project of; 1 new website, 1 community portal, implementation of Hubspot and the accompanying inbound marketing strategy, pulled it all together and made it work.”

Christina Hamilton, Digital Marketing Manager, GJW Direct

A new customer contact channel for your business

Self-service portals provide users with instant access to commonly requested information and the ability to undertake repeatable transactional services through a private, secure web based platform using any device at any time.

A self-service portal is a huge contributor to channel shift, providing a range of opportunities to cut down on manual, repeatable tasks for your customer facing teams, whilst improving access to services for customers. The time saved by letting customers self serve can be reinvested back into your business, used to make efficiency savings or in the case of many of the housing associations we work with, spent focussing on those customers who have more complex, nuanced issues that require human contact.



Meet Franklin

Franklin is our SaaS-based self-service portal for housing associations - it’s a complete self-service solution that can be up and running in minutes with four subscription tiers starting from Free.

Much like the bespoke portals we build, Franklin integrates with your key housing systems and works alongside your existing contact channels by handling routine, repeatable tenant queries, freeing up your contact centre to deal with more complex tenant needs but with Franklin there's a difference.

Franklin GIF-1