30 / 04 / 2021

Q&A with Stockport Homes on mastering digital transformation

Join us in conversation with Stockport Homes, exploring how they've evolved their digital marketing strategy over the past few years.

The Housing Hive recently welcomed Jordan Lewis, Commercial Marketing Manager at Stockport Homes Group

The Q&A explored how they've evolved their digital marketing strategy over the past few years. We dug into their multi-divisional structure and how they've handled the past year, as well as channel shift goals and future plans...

Stockport Homes’ digital transformation highlights...


Who are Stockport Homes?

"Stockport Homes is an Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) that took over the management of 11,500 Council homes in Stockport in 2005. We're an umbrella organisation with multiple divisions, including a multi-million construction firm, a residential sales arm and an in-house marketing group."

"The overarching goal across all divisions is to transform the lives of people in Stockport and Greater Manchester."

How has Stockport Homes fared through the Covid-19 pandemic?

"Obviously, the past year hasn't been easy for anyone, both personally and professionally. Stockport Homes have been busier than ever, luckily able to deliver vital services to people that need them. We've been undergoing an extensive internal digital transformation before they feel they can truly make way with external digital transformation, evolving their core IT systems to allow for more communication and clarity across teams and departments."

Stockport Homes WebsiteImage source: Placeit

How many brands do Stockport Homes have?

"Stockport Homes Group currently has 10 websites and as many as 40 social channels - with 4 key arms to the group across construction, marketing, charity and the ALMO. By differentiating our services, we're able to tap into a vast array of pain points to help customers across the board with different solutions. Catch up with the session to learn how we navigate so many different audiences."

What strategic elements have you found to be most useful?

"We have focused on trialling more commercial means of marketing, straying away from behaviours of more traditional housing associations. Tactics like PPC, affiliate marketing and retargeting have helped build an impression of our brand and more readily identify CPL."

Stockport Homes InstagramImage source: PlaceIt

What key advice do you have for any HAs looking to evolve their solutions and services?

"Experiment! Try different types of media, test different approaches. There's no way to truly know what's going to be successful for your individual organisation until you try it. We've done a lot of trial and error to figure out the best channel or communication point for our customers across the different brands, which allows them to reach more quantifiable results and make data-driven decisions going forward."

Our biggest learning…

"It's everyone's role to transform with digital and if you have the right tools and access, everyone has the power to do this!"

Watch Jordan's full Q&A here!

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