10 / 03 / 2023

Prodo becomes a PfH-approved supplier with new mobile app

We are proud to announce that we have become a PfH-approved supplier with our new mobile app

We are proud to announce our mobile app has been approved on the PfH SHED 2 framework! 

The process of procuring new products for housing associations can be challenging due to the strict procurement regulations that must be met. This often involves a significant amount of time, effort and investment to ensure compliance. However, the Procurement for Housing (PfH) has partnered with Disruptive Innovators Network (DIN) and developed the SHED (Social Housing Emerging Disruptors) framework to address this issue. SHED offers housing associations a faster and easier route to innovation, streamlining the entire procurement process with a pre-assessed selection of approved suppliers.

Jenny Danson, director of the Proptech Innovation Network, said: “It can take a huge amount of effort to bring innovation into social housing. Suppliers and housing providers have to jump through hoops to satisfy procurement regulations – it often involves lots of effort and cost. That’s why we developed the SHED with PfH – it gives social landlords a route to compliantly procure solutions quicker and cheaper, and suppliers have the certainty of being on the framework for three years and they receive support to break into the sector.”

Housing Solutions Dashboard-1

Housing Solutions Mobile App 

We’ve been accepted into this framework with our innovative new housing app, which is already seeing great results for Housing Solutions with a whopping 1,500 downloads in just the first few months. The mobile app is one of the first of its kind in the sector, featuring AI voice and image recognition which helps to streamline the repairs reporting and diagnostic process for users, whilst standardising reports of defects for the housing association. The biometric login and push notification functionality reduces barriers to access and encourages engagement. 

This is a unique application of evolving technology for the purpose of driving channel shift through encouraging digital engagement, with the ultimate goal of enhancing customer experience and improving internal efficiencies. Helping housing association team members to spend their time and use their expertise with customers who need their empathy and direct support most.

Neil Butters, head of procurement at PfH, added: “Social landlords are dealing with rising prices, a 7% rent cap and cost of living crisis, alongside urgent targets on building safety, net zero and development. They desperately need brand-new ideas to tackle these challenges. The Social Housing Emerging Disruptors framework is a safe space to try out these ideas without complex procurement rules, legal challenges or lengthy tender documents getting in the way.”

AI Assist Housing Solutions 3

Housing Solutions Mobile App - AI Technology 

The PfH criteria for approved SHED 2 products include various aspects around qualifying for their own definition of innovation, explaining and demonstrating direct customer benefits and having a market-ready product. We here at Prodo are committed to using technology and digital solutions to help solve challenges in the housing sector by enhancing customer experience and improving internal process efficiencies. 

Jacob Howell, Head of Sales at Prodo said: “The SHED 2 framework aligns excellently with our core focus as a business, enabling us to assist more housing associations throughout the country on their digital transformation and innovation journey in a shorter time frame. We are delighted to work with PfH and be a part of this exciting time of change for the sector.”


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