The Ultimate Guide to Chatbots

In today's world, conversation is the core way customers interact and engage, whether it's through messaging apps, chatbots or live chat. The most popular being chatbots, with 69% of consumers preferring to use chatbots for the speed at which they can communicate with a brand, according to Salesforce.

What is a chatbot?

Through intelligent programming, chatbots can data capture and simulate realistic, human-like interactions in order to create a more human buying experience while effectively qualifying leads. Your buyer journey is improved drastically: customers can seek assistance when they want it, via their preferred method of communication, whilst you gain better insight and information. 


Chatbots allow you to create predetermined answers to common questions, fast-tracking your website visitors to the information they need quickly. Whilst this improves user experience, it also saves time for your internal team, cutting out unnecessary calls and queries, meaning your team can focus on more pressing situations.


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What is conversational marketing and what have chatbots got to do with it?

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Conversational marketing helps build relationships with customers through a one-to-one approach, creating a more human-like user experience and improving internal efficiencies. Having a dedicated space online for users to ask their questions and get an immediate answer without the need for a phone call improves customer satisfaction, especially since chatbots can be available 24/7, making your business contactable at all times. Our blog goes into why conversational marketing is important and what your strategy should look like.


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Why are chatbots important?

Robots rock: 5 ways chatbots can benefit your business

Chatbot marketing - we look at the key ways chatbots can benefit your business

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Why now is the time to invest in a conversational marketing strategy to amplify channel shift

Do you have a conversational marketing strategy? If not, it's certainly time to

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Chatbot development methodology, why should we care?

We discussed the hot topic of chatbots with Chester Devs, here’s a snapshot of

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Q&A Chatbot Live Event

Join us in conversation at our Q&A Chatbot Live event.

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How to enhance your chatbot marketing strategy

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With the world taking a more immediate approach to pretty much everything, it's important your chatbot marketing strategy follows suit. With the likes of Amazon Prime and Next-day Delivery, waiting 3-5 working days for things is becoming less and less apparent. It's the same when making an enquiry, with developing AI technology, waiting days or weeks for a response is becoming a thing of the past, with most turnaround times now being instant.


Our blog delves into:

  • How to use conversational marketing
  • What the benefits are
  • Which type of chatbot is best for you
  • How they can transform your business
  • Examples done right 

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Housing Solutions gets talking to residents with a chatbot

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The social housing sector, in particular, is making some progress towards the digital era however housing provider Housing Solutions didn't want to get left behind. After deciding they wanted to introduce a more digital approach to tenants, Housing Solutions opted to get started with their very own chatbot.


A custom-built bot was the perfect solution, designed to meet the specific needs of their tenants. Hear what the Head of Digital & Information Services at Housing Solutions had to say...

“For us, a chatbot was the option that we felt would help ease our customers into using our digital services in a simple and user-friendly way. With more and more customers starting to use our customer portal, having a chatbot to methodically walk our customers through any queries whilst providing access to information quickly and efficiently made perfect sense.”

Want to know more about how the bot now handles over 90% of online enquiries? Read our chatbot case study.

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More chatbots in action...


The chatbot that qualified more leads in 3 weeks than live chat did in 1 year.

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The Aspinall Foundation

Evolving Aspinall's digital platform and driving down CPA with a chatbot.

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Housing Solutions

Housing Solutions' chatbot handling over 80% of online conversations.

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Why you should consider chatbot personas before getting started

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Before kick-starting your chatbot project, you should consider creating a chatbot persona. chatbot persona will give an automated messaging system a little more personality, providing a much more human-like experience for its user. 

Whilst chatbots are programmed to provide quick answers through automation, it's important to keep the experience as life-like as possible, providing a personalised and productive interaction. 

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Got a chatbot project you need help with?

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