Conversational Marketing & Chatbots

Now more than ever, conversation is at the heart of how customers interact and engage – online instant messaging apps are now the main way we communicate when we’re not talking face-to-face. Which ultimately means that leveraging this kind of interaction through chatbots, live chat and other conversational channels needs to be your next priority when it comes to building a meaningful relationship with your buyers…  

Your partner in delivering a conversational marketing strategy

We see conversational marketing as a way to capture, qualify and connect with leads at a quicker rate.

Through intelligent programming and routing of tools like chatbots and data capture, we can simulate realistic, human-like interactions in order to create a more human buying experience while effectively qualifying leads. Your buyer journey is improved drastically: customers can seek assistance when they want it, via their preferred method of communication, whilst you gain better insight and information. 

Here at Prodo, we've worked with a range of different clients across various sectors to help them implement a conversational marketing strategy that suits their needs. We'll work with you to understand your overarching business goals and challenges, allowing us to position your conversational marketing strategy at the centre of your other tactics like SEO, social and content for the best possible results.  

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