Accelerated Channel Shift

Channel shift is the process by which organisations seek to encourage customers to access or interact with services via channels other than those that they would normally choose.

By harnessing best-of-breed automation technology and over 20 years commercial experience, ACS will drive your channel shift goals and create advocacy for your digital channels among customers. 

The first Accelerated Channel Shift service for the social housing sector

We’ve taken our extensive knowledge and experience from 15 years in the housing sector and over 20 years running successful marketing campaigns to develop a brand new, smart service that will drive forward the channel shift goals within your organisation.

Through integrations with your housing systems and digital customer channels, we measure hundreds of data points to understand individual user behaviour. We use this data to feed best of breed marketing automation software to send automated, contextual content to users via workflows, bots and sequences that encourages use of digital as a channel of choice.


Real, measurable ROI

Accelerated Channel Shift helps housing organisations to realise channel shift targets faster and more efficiently – and in doing so, has the potential to save them hundreds of thousands of pounds that can be reinvested back into communities.

Based on data from Price Waterhouse Cooper, the cost of a digital transaction for a housing organisation is approximately 8p, as opposed to £3.39 per telephone call and as much as £10.52 for face to face contact.

For a typical housing organisation taking 30,000 calls and 5,000 face to face transactions each month – shifting just 30% of those to digital channels could mean savings of almost £50,000 every month.