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Digital Transformation Agency

Since 1998, we've been helping organisations use digital technology to enhance processes, culture and customer experience, cutting through the challenges of old systems and poor data.

As a digital transformation agency, we work with you to connect the dots, integrate your systems and create customer-centric solutions so that you can focus on the big decisions that grow your business. We're so invested into digital transformation strategy, we've even written a book on it - Shift!

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How do we deliver Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation (or DX) isn’t achieved overnight. It's an ongoing process that doesn't ever really stop - it just evolves as technology does. Whether you're just starting to move your services online, want to reach new audiences, or refine your processes, you need to make your user journeys more engaging - digital is the way forward. 


The fast evolution of technology has meant many businesses are working across legacy systems and outdated processes without the time, skills or resource to keep up. That's where we step in - we can understand what you want to do with digital and create a tangible plan of action to deliver a realistic strategy for transformation - whether that's through a new website, self-service portal, app, AI or chatbot

Consultancy & implementation

We support clients with native systems as well as developing bespoke API builds - things like payment gateways, CRM and custom self-service portals

Digitalisation of services & infrastructure

Moving services and processes into the online space, from comprehensive websites to providing conversion-focused marketing campaigns

Software engineering & development

Whether it's a complex integration project or a bespoke web build, we have an in-house development team to help unify your business applications & data

Digital transformation delivered for...

Driving forward digital innovation with Housing Solutions

Sector: Social Housing
What we did: What we did: Web Development, Design, Chatbot

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Achieving Accent Group's ambitious self-service vision

Sector: Social Housing
What we did: Web Development, Self Service Portal, Digital Transformation, Design

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Reinventing the GJW brand and digitising their business model

Sector: Professional Services
What we did: Web Development, Design, Inbound Marketing, Paid & SEO

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Building user-centric self-service tools

Whether commercial, not-for-profit, subscription or bespoke; our self-service customer portals have one thing in common - the end-user. We place the customer firmly at the heart of everything we do, ensuring your self-service solution is built to make their lives easier in order to increase adoption and maximise the benefit to your business.


Self-service portals allow your customers to access information or undertake transactions with your business without having to directly interact with a member of staff. We've built many of these platforms, tightly integrated with back-office systems to increase business efficiency complemented by user-centric designs that helps increase adoption among customers. 

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Get a free copy of Shift!

Shift! How to make channel shift happen in housing is our very first foray into authorship. It's packed with our learnings and experience of delivering digital transformation programmes and includes insights from UK housing professionals who talk frankly about their experiences of running channel shift projects.

Want to get your hands on a copy? Send us your details and we'll send you one straight to your doorstep!

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Useful resources

Report: The Future of Work in Social Housing

We wanted to know how the recent impacts of COVID-19 have impacted work in social housing. How have employees handled the transition to remote? What are their biggest challenges? Are they more productive?

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Get a free copy of our book, Shift!

Shift! is the paperback book from Prodo written for UK housing professionals all about digital transformation. With 150+ pages, it's packed with insight and learnings from the sector!

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Report: Housing Hindsight 2020

Check out our report on the current state of channel shift in the housing sector, covering statistics from last year and what the..

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