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What we did: Inbound marketing 

The story so far...

In a year that changed the world – where healthcare and wellbeing has been front and centre of the media headlines and public conscience, many businesses have sought to reconnect with their audience and build more meaningful connections.     


For award-winning healthcare provider Health Shield, their members have always been at the heart of what they do. They’re dedicated to providing innovative health and wellbeing solutions that keep both employees and businesses in the best of health. 


Right back from when they were first established in 1877 to help railway workers keep healthy, they’ve continued full steam ahead to offer affordable and relevant benefits. The fact they are owned by their members and operate as a not-for-profit friendly society means everything they do is always in the sole interests of their customers.


So for them, the past year has been about really being there for their members in a challenging and unique situation whilst also reaching new audiences keen to explore their options. To do this successfully, they knew they needed to have the right operations and marketing strategies in place to connect with their target market on a deeper level.   


  • The challenge
  • The solution
  • The results
  • The impact

The challenge: Growing their audience during internal transformation

Health Shield is undergoing a period of growth, so one of their key challenges is growing their market share and educating businesses around the benefits of preventative healthcare and employee wellbeing, as well as what their core services mean – things like healthcare cash plans and occupational health screenings.  


Traditionally, employee health and wellbeing is a topic that businesses shy away from – Health Shield wants to be able to clearly demonstrate the benefits and ROI of implementing their solutions and how they can boost productivity, morale and more.

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Use the inbound marketing methodology to target SMEs

Grow the market and educate businesses about preventative healthcare

Raise brand awareness and position Health Shield as an industry leader

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Their subject matter can be complicated and restricted with red tape, sometimes making it difficult to clearly communicate to their prospects what Health Shield can offer them. But they’ve got a whole lot to offer! Their long-term objective is to become a leader in the healthcare sector. 


Underpinning their core marketing challenge is their internal systems and operational tech in house. Health Shield was very aware that they needed a platform that could support their growth plans for the foreseeable future and power up their marketing strategy.

The solution: Evergreen inbound campaigns to attract, educate and convert

Prodo began working with Health Shield in 2018. Since then, we’ve formed a strong digital partnership. Together, we’ve ironed out the challenges they were facing and created a strategic epic plan utilising the full HubSpot suite of tools and features to help achieve and exceed their marketing goals. 


Key HubSpot features used: 

  • Microsite website and blog built on HubSpot CMS
  • Blog posts written according to the logic of Inbound Marketing and SEO principles
  • Flywheel - end-to-end, closed loop customer journey to continue to delight customers 
  • Landing Pages / data capture forms with clear CTAs / smart CTAs strategically positioned across websites, emails and blog posts 
  • Workflow automation to trigger relevant email marketing campaigns content and ongoing lead nurturing through funnel + internal automation workflows and ticket pipelines 
  • Customer list segmentation
  • Social media management, monitoring and scheduling 
  • Custom HubSpot dashboard created to measure results and monitor KPIs
  • Contacts created and their status (marketing or sales qualified) based on their stage in buyer journey
  • Set up and implementation of lead scoring for enhanced sales and marketing alignment and seamless handover of qualified, hot leads 
  • Video content series to explain products


Our main objective with Health Shield was to raise brand awareness, drive more leads, implement the HubSpot platform and engage customers. We knew inbound marketing was the perfect fit for their needs so quickly set to work pinpointing topics and themes we wanted to cover. 


Since the beginning of our partnership, we’ve created eight individual, evergreen inbound marketing campaigns, targeted to their B2B audience featuring a number of their main services and products. These campaigns cover the full buyer journey with content at every stage; from interactive quizzes and surveys to attract and engage to videos, infographics and FAQs to convert prospects into sales qualified leads. 


To support the inbound campaigns, we’ve helped Health Shield to fully activate the HubSpot platform in ways they hadn’t previously considered. To start, every quarterly campaign is supported by landing pages, email campaigns, lead gen tools such as pop up forms & exit intents and automated workflows for ongoing nurturing and engagement. 


Prodo worked closely with Health Shield to build out a comprehensive lead scoring strategy to further qualify the right prospects and support the sales team. This formed a large part of building the strategy around launching their Breeze product, using workflows for internal task notifications for the telemarketing team to follow up on leads alongside the marketing campaigns. 


Prodo also provides contact lists to segment the database to ensure Health Shield provides relevant content to the right audiences, as well as utilising smart content. Health Shield now makes full use of the reporting features, with dashboards custom built by Prodo, allowing both us and them to monitor the marketing and sales activity for ongoing iterations and improvements.

The results: Better qualified leads and ability to demonstrate ROI

An example of our inbound strategies working alongside PPC include the occupational health campaign. With the Coronavirus pandemic encouraging businesses to change the way they work, Health Shield came to us noticing an appetite for occupational health services. After thorough SEO research we launched the occupational health campaign alongside a PPC campaign which improved occupational health lead performance by 800%.

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Across the board, we’ve seen an increase in total website traffic year-on-year, alongside ongoing session growth specifically towards our campaigns.  

The launch of their new product, Breeze, via HubSpot has seen an increase in more tangible, targeted leads of which they’ve already seen conversions from.


increase in website traffic YoY


sessions towards our campaigns


improvement on Occupational Health campaign performance

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The impact: Centralised collaboration and ongoing innovation

Through fully implementing the HubSpot platform and creating genuinely useful and targeted content, Health Shield are now in a powerful position to further strengthen their relationships with both new and existing customers. They’ve been able to unlock the full potential of what HubSpot can do for their business, utilising the marketing tools across the customer journey to reinforce their core purpose: putting their members at the heart of what they do. 


Health Shield has been able to centralise their marketing and sales efforts for better collaboration and alignment to work smarter, not harder. Internally, they’ve recruited a new telemarketing team off the back of the inbound marketing campaigns that can now further nurture the more qualified leads generated. 


What’s next?

We’re beyond excited to continue working with Health Shield to evolve their digital strategy with HubSpot in the future. We have a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline, including a data management and integration project using Operations Hub, as well as a chatbot to further engage and convert customers.

“Using HubSpot has added a lot of benefits for the marketing team... It’s allowed us to be more organised and work in a more collaborative way to achieve our goals. It’s also allowed us to work more closely with the sales team in terms of the workflows and determining the leads they should be following up on… From an MI and dashboard perspective, it’s (HubSpot) allowed us to see the fruition of those efforts… and we can now link that back into the finance team to prove ROI.”

Jennie Doyle, Head of Marketing at Health Shield


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