What is inbound marketing?

Simply put it's the tried and tested method of delivering high-quality leads. 61% of consumers look to articles or blogs to research a potential product or service. Inbound is the method of creating the right content and reaching out to the right audience at the right time.



"Inbound is the first fundamental shift in marketing methodology for the digital age. Instead of reaching out and invading a potential client’s digital space, it challenges you to create engaging, relevant content which is easy for desirable prospective clients to find and – crucially – is valuable to them once they do."

How does it work?

From blog posts to videos to thought leadership articles, the key is to create content that doesn’t just say ‘use our service, use our service, use our service’. Instead it attracts the attention of the right people with something interesting, useful or informative. Using cutting-edge, responsible email automation your content can put prospects on a pathway where you deliver more content to channel them consensually towards purchasing your goods or services. 

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Inbound focuses on optimising your digital assets and marketing strategy to generate more leads through a process of attract, convert, close and delight. By delivering content that interests and informs target audiences before buying decisions even begin, Inbound is cost effective, efficient and focused on growth.

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