Manufacturing & Industrial

Our clients in this space are highly innovative organisations who transform complex ideas using a range of raw materials and substances into new brand new products.

We’ve worked alongside a diverse range of manufacturing and industrial businesses over the last 20 years, from construction chemicals to quartz worktops, underfloor heating and more.

Our work in the manufacturing & industrial sector

The challenge with the manufacturing and industrial space is very often the level of complexity of the services being provided or the niche nature of the products being offered. 

We work closely with our clients to strip away that complexity and create clear, strong user journeys that generate measurable results - whether that’s enquiries, marketing qualified leads or brand awareness.

Using the latest inbound marketing techniques and some very creative and technical minds, we’ve built new websites that defy industry standards and innovate within this space.

We’ve created content assets, like 3D motion explainer videos and interactive planning tools, that engage and capture target audiences to generate qualified business leads and enhance brand awareness.

Our clients in this sector include

Caesarstone   Colglo   BASF

“We began working with Prodo in 2014 and they are the best we have worked with. Previously we had worked with smaller teams that never quite fitted in and we required more growth on the web. Early on Prodo guided us through a difficult website change. They gave a full website analysis for us & introduced us to new tools that allow us to analyse our progress.”

Paul Edwards, IT Manager, Collister and Glover