Introducing Prodo Protocol 2020

Protocol 2020 represents Prodo's critical business upgrade required to keep your website secure and stable. From 2020, all of our new web projects will automatically be built to Protocol 2020 standards and methodologies. To maintain optimum security standards, all Prodo clients need to have transitioned to Protocol 2020 by April 2020



What you need to know

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) warns that the threat of cyber-attack is evolving fast and becoming technically more complex, with cybersecurity becoming a daily struggle for businesses – which is why Prodo is committing to implement Protocol 2020 across all of our current client websites by April 2020.

Prodo Protocol 2020 is a critical business upgrade that will give your website more resilience against cyberattacks and data breaches, working to support and safeguard you and your customer’s digital experience. We need to make sure your website is consistently secure and stable, advancing with this ever-changing digital landscape.

All Prodo customers will need to have transitioned to Protocol 2020 by April 2020 at the latest.


Did you know...

Hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average, 2,244 times a day.

Cybersecurity Statistics

What does Protocol 2020 set-up mean for existing clients?

We’ve invested heavily in advanced new technologies and adapted our working practices to ensure your website is as safe as it can be against external threats and data breaches. Protocol 2020 is a mandatory service upgrade to roll out these improvements.


1. Continuous Pipeline Development

We’re making it simpler and faster to get the developments you need done

  • Implementing automation for faster, more reliable and economical developments
  • Immediate fix deployments and superior version control  
  • No content freezes or delays waiting for a release window
  • Automated checks to ensure best code practice across front and back-end architecture (and remove risks of manual error)
Continuous pipeline development

2. Load and Stress Test Report

We’ll pinpoint potential weak points on your website at different demand levels  

  • Overview of how well software coding performs and reacts
  • Identification of any weak points in your website
  • Highlight the likely impacts of high traffic demand
  • We'll provide a detailed report on findings, with actionable recommendations and risks clearly highlighted
Load and Stress Test Report

3. Estate Audit

We'll review your full website to understand the integrity and resilience of your digital estate 

  • Overview of existing code architecture and overall quality of your current estate (it’s recommended to regularly review your code to mitigate risks and optimise functionality)
  • We'll provide a detailed report on findings, with actionable recommendations and risks clearly identified 
Estate Audit

4. Umbraco Stability Upgrade

We’ll upgrade your website to ensure that you're on a stable version of Umbraco that will support future development and growth

  • As a result of the Estate Audit, our Engineering team will implement the appropriate Umbraco version upgrade that you need to be on to minimise future risk
Umbraco Stability Upgrade
“We're working with and building increasingly complex websites - so we've invested heavily in both our team and new technologies to keep up with our clients needs. As websites become more reliant on external factors, stability can be affected. Prodo Protocol 2020 will address these challenges head-on.”

Ant Morris - Head of Project Delivery