Social Housing: Creating user-centric experiences

We're market leaders in digital transformation for the social housing sector. For over a decade we’ve helped many of the top 200 housing associations across the country to deliver their award-winning channel shift ambitions. We've even written a book - Shift! - all about digital transformation and founded the Housing Hive community.

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What do we do in social housing?

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Founded by Prodo, The Housing Hive is an open community for social housing professionals to share, collaborate and support each other.

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Housing Hive
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Partner Spotlight:

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We’ve worked with Housing Solutions for a number of years now, launching loads of innovative projects together to drive forward their digital transformation ambitions.

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An intuitive, user-centric website with property search functionality

A fully-integrated self-service portal to report repairs and make payments

A built-in automated chatbot that handles over 80% of conversations

We've even written
a book, exclusively
for housing professionals

Shift! How to make channel shift happen in housing is our very first foray into authorship. It's packed with our learnings and experience of delivering digital transformation programmes and includes insights from UK housing professionals who talk frankly about their experiences of running channel shift projects.

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"Prodo has been very successful in peeling back the skin of the proverbial Social Housing onion and managed to understand the key aspects of where Social Housing has come from, where it is and, more importantly, where it is going."

John Yates, Plymouth Community Homes

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Take a peek at some of our finest work in social housing...

Discover Orbit Move: Winner of the Most Innovative Housing App

What we did: Web Development, Digital Transformation, Design

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Achieving Accent Group's ambitious self-service vision

What we did: Web Development, Digital Transformation, Design

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Bromford's intuitive, aesthetically pleasing portal design

What we did: Web Development, Digital Transformation, Design

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Have you heard about Franklin?

An SaaS self-service portal built by Prodo that can be up-and-running in minutes

We've taken all the best bits from thousands of user-focused digital projects both inside and outside the housing sector to create Franklin. It's a subscription-based self-service portal built by Prodo for housing organisations that can be up and running in a matter of minutes and allows tenants to make rent and repair transactions through any device at any time.

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Partner Spotlight:

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We've loved working with Rochdale Borough Housing to deliver a brand new website and tenant portal to push their digital customer service offering ahead of the curve. And we've got loads more exciting projects planned!

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Rochdale Boroughwide Housing
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A fresh approach to their new fully-responsive website

Integrated chatbot for tenants to self-solve common queries about COVID-19

Innovative marketing automation utilising the HubSpot platform

Report: Future of Work
in Social Housing

We wanted to know how the recent impacts of COVID-19 have impacted work in social housing. How have employees handled the transition to remote? What are their biggest challenges? Are they more productive?

Want to know the results? We've analysed the results and pulled together a mini-report covering all the key stats...

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We’d love to dig a little deeper into your individual situation to create a bespoke strategy to help your organisation realise your digital ambitions.

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