Orega's new chatbot that qualified more leads in 3 weeks than their live chat did in 1 year

What we did

After developing bespoke buyer personas, we went on to create several inbound marketing campaigns that targeted all of the associated pain points of office space to raise awareness of the services and solutions to these pain points that Orega can provide. Through clever social amplification, topical blog content, leadflows and interactive assets (like a customisable business map) we nurtured leads through the buying cycle from marketing qualified leads to sales leads.



Our bespoke chatbot creates a unique customer journey depending on which page a visitor enters the site, with the facility to book office tours by location with calendar integration. 


The results

  • Evergreen inbound strategies supported by marketing automation emails and workflows for ongoing lead nurturing.

  • Increased conversion and new enquiries through improved data capture.

  • Over 100 sales qualified leads forwarded to the customer sales team.

  • Organic Traffic 48% increase compared to 2018 year to date. 148% increase compared to 2016 year to date.

  • More qualified leads from the chatbot in 3 weeks than live chat did in one year.