Housing Solutions gets talking to residents with a chatbot

Housing Solutions knew they wanted to start getting their tenants more accustomed to digital means of communication – what better way than an automated chatbot? We used our experience of building chatbots across different sectors to help our client Housing Solutions create the right channel for their specific needs.



conversations started with the bot in its first month



of enquiries need to handover to a live agent

An average of


chats handled each week

What we did...

Having worked with Housing Solutions for a number of years, we knew a chatbot was the next project to take on. Using HubSpot's Conversations tool, it can be custom-built and designed to meet the specific needs of tenants, with initial development and ongoing iterations to make it feel on-brand and personable. Our wealth of experience in conversational marketing meant we could provide expert consultancy to make sure it asks all the right questions to give tenants the right answers.

HubSpot Chatbot

The chatbot replaced Housing Solution’s previous live chat function, able to handle all of those routine enquiries and as a result, free up valuable time from the contact centre to be better utilised elsewhere. Tenants can triage and solve enquiries online, with the bot designed to find a web-based solution wherever possible before handing over to a live agent or leaving a message if no one is available.

The conversation is human-like and friendly, with logical triggers in place and key automation paths built-in to make the process as quick and easy as possible for the end-user. It has been deployed across all areas of the website and works on mobile, too, giving the tenant the power to resolve common queries like ‘How to pay my rent’ and ‘How to report a repair’ themselves without the need to phone the contact centre.

Housing Solutions Chatbot Case Study
“For us, a chatbot was the option that we felt would help ease our customers into using our digital services in a simple and user-friendly way. With more and more customers starting to use our customer portal, having a chatbot to methodically walk our customers through any queries whilst providing access to information quickly and efficiently made perfect sense.”

Richard Harvey, Head of Digital & Information Services at Housing Solutions