Bromford's fully functional and aesthetically pleasing portal design

Bromford are one of Prodo’s longest-held housing clients, and were one of our first account wins in the sector when we were first appointed to work with them on their general needs website. Having delivered the various incarnations of their Umbraco website over the years, Bromford recently appointed Prodo to deliver unique designs for their forthcoming MSDynamics-based self-service platform.

The results

  • We've built upon our pre-existing relationship with Bromford to create an agile working partnership, allowing us to provide extensive advice and consultancy as well as deliver outstanding design concepts that fulfil the brief.
  • Working with an external development studio, we have demonstrated a flexible and collaborative approach to ensure the end product aligns with the clients goals.
  • Reactive feedback and a speedy turnaround has meant we have created a functional and polished design that has met and exceeded the clients needs and expectations.