How to increase conversion rate by changing just one thing on your website

Let me set a scenario that every single person reading this can relate to - and i'll try and do it without sounding like a bootleg Michael McIntyre. You walk into a shop for a something you need, let's say a shirt, and you walk out with six other things that you don't and probably won't ever need. It isn't coincidence that everybody can relate to this, retailer marketers have perfected this up-selling technique.

"What has this got to do with my website?" I hear you ask. Well, that example is used for context, since the most common digital marketing mistake on conversion pages is exactly the opposite problem.

The mistake? Allowing navigation away from a page that is simply there for conversion. It doesn't matter what that conversion is, conversion-to-data or conversion-to-sale, as soon as you supply the on-page user a route off the page via navigation your conversion rate will fall. For clarity, I'm not talking about pages that customers view when browsing, we're talking about pages that are there at the point of conversion - checkout pages, data capture pages and booking portals. The solution? Get rid of all navigation away from pages, and you'll instantly see an uplift of conversion rates.

This is just one of the methods that Prodo applied when we decreased Payzone's cost-per-lead by over 70% in a single quarter. Find out how else we did it here.