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17 / 08 / 2018

Video Content Predictions from 2017 That Came True

Back in January 2017, we shared our thoughts on what the year would bring for video marketing. It's now Summer 2018, and we've got a lot to review. Most of our predictions came true – and there are some more to add...


“2017 should be the year you start using the channel of video to your advantage. With the constant rise of video across multiple platforms, it’s been the favoured marketing channel for 2016 and this is sure to continue in 2017.”
filming on iphone

Back in January 2017, we shared our thoughts on what the year would bring for video marketing. It's now Summer 2018, and we've got a lot to review. Most of our predictions came true – and there are some more to add...

1. Facebook Live

We predicted Facebook Live would explode last year, and it's turned out to be one of Facebooks greatest platforms. With one in every five videos on Facebook now a live video, and with view times 3x longer and comment rates 10x greater on Live videos than regular videos, it's easy to see why this platform is so effective.

Facebook Live is still proving its worth and continues to grow, especially with the rise of streaming gamers and the new donate button feature, which can also be used to support organisations like charities and startups. 

2. Landing Page Videos

We did see the use of landing page video rise last year, as predicted, and it's now proven to increase conversion rates for form submission or downloads etc. 

Videos increase the length of time people stay on your landing page. If your company's featured in the video, it will give you the trust factor – not forgetting the fact that people are generally quite lazy and prefer to watch instead of read. Download our 'Quick Wins' eBook
3. Product explainer videos

The use of product explainer videos is still as prominent as it was two years ago – but with an increasingly crowded marketplace and lots of new start-ups arriving on the scene, businesses need to use explainer videos to differentiate themselves from the competition. The trend is towards explainer videos being more problem and solution focused than product led.

4. Snapchat

In Q4 of 2017, Snapchat hit 187 million active daily users. The platform has seen more than an 18% growth rate of daily users in the last year. This is great news for businesses as it's a whole other viable channel to engage with prospects and customers.

It seems an absolute necessity to use Snapchat if your product is aimed towards the younger Gen Z market. However, Instagram's Stories feature has given Snapchat a run for its money – it's now twice as big as Snapchat, so don't neglect developing an Instagram Stories video strategy, as this channel is on the up.

5. Document don't create

'Document don't create' – the words of Gary Vee (otherwise known as entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk) – are still relevant because, thanks to documenting, creating good content doesn't require a huge budget. Pretty much everyone in your business has 24hr access to an HD camera straight from their pocket, and the world is using them to document their lives. 

Instagram and Snapchat stories have completely taken over, and marketers are taking advantage to push products. Almost every reality TV star you follow on Instagram documents their life and, somewhere on their story, they'll be using some sort of product that they tag for the consumers to lap up.

Whether you're STILL an early adopter of video in your content marketing strategy or you haven't hit the record button yet, you should be keeping up to date with these trends. Our advice: you need to be putting out as much good video content as possible. 

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