07 / 08 / 2018

The Top 5 Trendiest Websites You'll See in 2019

It's time for Prodo's take on the five trendiest websites to emerge from 2018 – take a look at our pick of this year's uber-cool sites to see what's getting us excited. Warning: this blog post may leave you with extreme website envy, you have been warned!...

Last year, in blog form, we drew your attention to the top 5 futuristic websites around.

Well, we're another year on, so guess what? We've decided to take this popular beast, change it slightly and give you the Top 5 Trendiest Websites You'll See in 2019. Awesome. We know.

Yep, in no order we're gonna give you the 5 coolest websites to emerge from web development in 2019 to get those lips grinning, atoms spinning and make your head all fizzy like that Tizer guy who used to knock about in the 90s (unsponsored).


...Sorry [Facepalm], let's just get right into it...


1. Parmigiani Watchmakers: Kalpa Collection
The first name on this list is Swiss watchmakers Parmigiani, who have created an aesthetically pleasing website with a wet-shave smooth scrolling functionality to not only depict, but to narrativise the process of producing a Parmigiani watch all the way from early design through to completion. Presenting the latest Kalpa Collection, Parmigiani have created an immersive experience in which you really feel a part of the unfolding narrative. Emotive video, aircon-cool animations and dynamic spatial features alluding to the mathematical formulae used in the production process, help to consolidate Parmigiani's position as one of the trendiest websites to come straight outta 2019.

With each scroll of your fingertip, comes another fragment of the time-piece puzzle.

Take some time out of your day and have a lil look at Parmigiani's uber-cool website here.

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2. Mowellens

At #2 botanical and CBD cosmetics company Mowellens have created a reactive, floaty sidescroller to make you take serious note of the 'interesting' ingredients (and products) jigging around its pages.

Championing hemp and cannabis extracts as prime ingredients for 21st century wellness, Mowellens ooze style, liberalism and dash of naughtiness. The charismatic and tastefully colloquial copy helps to show that the brand is well in touch with the everyday person.

Float through Mowellen's botanical garden here.

3. Folklore
#3 on the list, Montreal-based digital studio Folklore’s new website instantly plunges you into a hypnotic trance. Trust us, you’ll find yourself endlessly clicking and flicking the touch-sensitive geometric humanoid which forms the centrepiece of the bold teal homepage.

We'd love to know the Average Time Spent on Page for this one!

See it for yourself here. 

4. Philips Hue
At #4, technology powerhouse (pun intended) Philips have created an interactive and quite mesmeric, sub domain – – to promote their Hue personal wireless lighting product. Philips allows users to fully test out their kaleidoscopic wireless lighting palette, changing the hue inside and outside of the home context, as you would do with the real thing.

Showcasing a home with majorly trendy interior to match the exterior, Hue personal lighting targets trend-conscious consumers who want to recreate the ambiences achievable with the Philips Hue product.

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Fully optimised for mobile, Philips Hue offers an interactive website that not only highlights the product's innovative 'smart control' – allowing you to control the lighting system from your smartphone – but to help you to also visualise the product in your own home from your own home – trendy indeed!

 5. LOT2046
While LOT2046 may not be a name with which you’re overly familiar, nor will it blow your mind in the traditional sense, its minimalistic aesthetic and overriding concept as a ‘mystery-box’ subscription-based service means its website is definitely worth a mention at #5 in this list. With a sombre colour scheme and simple typography, LOT2046 have created an image-heavy, linear scrolling experience which really does help to feed the hype of their, always black, always miscellaneous products.

LOT’s culturally aware and rather sassy code of practice, cryptic press release images and videos that sound like they’ve been voiced over by a cyborg, only add to the brand’s paradox; LOT2046 is for individuals wanting something different, who are consuming monochromatic, everyday products. The absolute truth as much as it is a gimmick, LOT2046’s concept in addition to the unique cyber-melancholic tone they project on their website and social, have firmly placed the brand onto the radar of one of marketing’s most lucrative yet elusive audiences – hipsters.

See LOT2046’s website for yourself here.

So there you have it, the top 5 trendiest websites you'll see in 2019 😏. 

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