29 / 04 / 2019

The best times to post on social media

Here are the best times to post on social media in 2019 to help you engage with the right kind of people at the right moment…

Although your company's social media success relies heavily on the quality of the content you’re pushing out onto your social channels, it’s also equally dependent on the time of day at which you’re posting.

Your target audience are much more likely to engage when you post at a time when they’re actually going to see it.

Here are the best times to post on social media in 2019 to help you engage with the right kind of people at the right moment…



Weekdays between 1pm to 4pm is the best time to post on Facebook. The peak days are Wednesday between 11am and 3pm, Thursday at 2pm and 4pm and Friday between 10am and 3pm. But generally speaking, if your business is posting Monday to Friday between 8am and 2pm then you should see some good levels of engagement. Weekends are usually considered to have the lowest engagement rates where users aren’t online as much.null



Instagram is good to post on everyday between 10am and 3pm. For online retailers, the best time is Saturday between 11am and 1pm. Wednesday at 11am has shown to be the day with the highest engagement rates, followed by Friday at 10-11am. Data suggests that weekends are also a good time to post, as this is when more social engagements are happening and people are more likely to scroll on their days off and see your content.null



Twitter is a little trickier to analyse in terms of the best time to post. It’s entirely user dependent, and will prioritise tweets based off of who and what you follow. It acts more as a platform for reading material during commuting and lunch hours, so midday, 3pm or 5-6pm would be your strongest chance of maximising likes, retweets and click-throughs.null



LinkedIn is used by professionals who will tend to login around core working hours, 9am-5pm. Morning and evening commutes, along with lunch hours are when users tend to engage the most. Data has shown that the best days to post are Tuesday through Thursday, with activity dropping around the weekend.

A few simple tweaks to your social schedule could make all the difference when it comes to engaging with your target audience. Give it a go! 
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