30 / 01 / 2018

Reality Vs. Instagram: 5 times Insta warped reality

Faking it on Instagram. Social media marketing and influencers.

pexels-photo-219003Many of you will be familiar with the fine art of selecting the perfect filter to turn the everyday into the once in a lifetime (and then pass it off as the everyday).

For those who are slightly cynical, or just plain unaware of the incredible skills fashion bloggers, fitness fanatics and foodies possess, Instagram influencer marketing is now a multi-million-pound industry. But does faking it mean making it when it comes to earning kudos in this industry? 

Post-workout pictures and salads aren’t the only snaps to experience the Instagram effect – in a bid to gain as much engagement and social status as possible, even photos of famous attractions and landmarks have fallen victim.

  1. The colour swap

Although travel bloggers’ photos may seem enviable, it takes a lot of Photoshop and a bit of Valencia filter to get them looking that way. @doyoutravelpresets completely change the colour of their photos to make them look more inviting (and a lot warmer).

The lesson here: don’t choose your next holiday on Instagram!null

 2. Good old Juno

Step one on how to create a dreamy post is to use Juno, our very own @marykatemcall is an advocate for this flattering orange filter.null

  1.  Adding drama

Filters aren’t only for special occasions, and @robawalk knows this! Take this regular escalator in Canary Wharf that you’d use to get to your nine-to-five job, add a black-and-white filter and it looks like the opening scene from a 1950s Hollywood film.null

    4. Influential Instafakers

Perhaps the most famous fake Insta photo in its brief history: influencer Amelialiana received an extreme backlash when followers noticed a series of discrepancies in her photo at the Taj Mahal. Angry Instagrammers highlighted the lack of tourists, the discontinuation of Amelia’s shadow on the water feature and the absence of scaffolding on the right side of the Taj as evidence of her fictionalisation. Perhaps she needs to ditch the fake or brush up on those Photoshop skills.null

  1. Fake it to make it

In some cases, there’s more going on behind the ‘reality’ created by a photo than just a couple of filters. Giving the illusion that you’re somewhere else isn’t an abnormal thing to do for the ‘gram, especially for Jungle @Jazzashbrook!null

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