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27 / 11 / 2017

#ProdoStreetLive: Black Friday (Video)

Prodo Street LIve Black Friday in Chester

What have you bought for Black Friday_ (13)-1.jpgBlack Friday was expected to smash UK sales records this year, massively exceeding the £1.1 Billion spent in 2016. It was well publicised that online transactions made up the majority of this years sales, so at Prodo, we wanted to know exactly how caught up people on the street were in the Black Friday craze. Were they fighting over smart TVs, Ipads or Amazon Alexas in-store like our North American mates? Or did the UK prefer to follow Flavor Flav's sentiments and resist the hype?

In the UK, we feel consumer behaviour towards Black Friday has evolved since its commercial inception in 2014, so we took to the streets of Chester to find out what Black Friday meant to consumers in 2017.

Figures from data analysts Springboard showed footfall at shopping locations was down 3.6% on Black Friday last week - more than the expected decline of 0.6%. In high streets, the decline was 4.2%. In fact, many of our interviewees were surprised by how quiet the high street was considering the event's significant online presence:

 Despite the tumbleweed on the high street, web traffic figures soared with the UK's estimated Black Friday spending up 8% on 2016, translating to about £2.9 billion spending on Friday alone. Brands understand that the digital marketplace is where more and more consumers are buying so they prioritise online. This is reinforced by their content strategy on social platforms and relentless email marketing campaigns:


We also wanted to know how much you guys thought the UK would spend on Black Friday. It's safe to say that many of you were quite out with your estimations!:


And finally, other members of the public expressed, shall we say, less diplomatic views of Black Friday hysteria:


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