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#FakeNews: Prodo employs Donald Trump as a freelance writer as his last job before presidency

Prodo can now claim the honour of giving Donald Trump his last job before he becomes President of the United States; we..

20 / 01 / 2017   |  
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How Donald Trump uses Twitter differently to Barack Obama

Whilst Donald Trump won't be the first US president to have a Twitter account – Barack Obama holds that claim – he will be..

20 / 01 / 2017   |  
Prodo Insights
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Five ways virtual reality is changing marketing today

If you’re anything like me, the recent commercialisation of virtual reality (VR) has done enough to let your imagination run..

19 / 01 / 2017   |  
Prodo Insights
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How will technology influence the future of banking?

The banking sector has the challenge of tailoring financial products to the needs of every type of person - mainly due to the..

18 / 01 / 2017   |  
Prodo Insights
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How we reduced cost-per-lead by 72.4% over a single quarter

Cost-per-lead exists for every single business, though only some measure it. The usual reason for not measuring..

12 / 01 / 2017   |  
Prodo Insights
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Five Important Video Content Predictions for 2017

2017 should be the year you start using the channel of video to your advantage. With the constant rise of video across..

06 / 01 / 2017   |  
Prodo Insights
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Why Your Business Needs to Review its Marketing Strategy – Now

Content is at the heart of inbound marketing, but why is it so important to businesses today? Find out in just 75 seconds.

06 / 01 / 2017   |  
Inbound Marketing
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This Week In #ProdoLife, 12th December 2016

This week in #ProdoLife we continued bringing the Christmas spirit to Prodo!

19 / 12 / 2016   |