05 / 05 / 2021

Nudge or Shift - what's right for you?

We're excited to share our latest solution to nudging those tenants who simply won't shift. But which one is best for you? Nudge...or Shift?

Just kick-started your digital transformation journey? Maybe you’ve recently launched a self-service portal or started to get things moving with the likes of live chat or a chatbot.

Whichever stage of the journey you’re at, many housing associations face a common challenge… getting tenants to make the move online. Well, we’ve been working on a solution that works for everyone!


In the 20+ years that Prodo has been established, we’ve worked with hundreds of housing associations, supporting them along every step of their digital transformation journey. With this experience, we’ve really learnt a lot about the social housing sector, what works, and what is sometimes, a little more challenging. 

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Quite early on, we noticed the struggle of getting some tenants to see the advantages of channel shift which is why we’ve been working hard to bring you Nudge and Shift, the marketing campaigns that are always on, always accelerating towards your channel shift objectives.

Nudge and Shift are all-in-one customer engagement campaigns, designed to get your customers not only using your digital services but loving them day in, day out, so you can do more with less work. In fact, we’re so passionate, we’ve even written a book! Click here to find out more.




So, the biggest question… Nudge or Shift - what’s right for you? 

Well, that all depends on where you are in your digital transformation journey.

Let’s break it down...


For those of you who are just starting your digital transformation, Nudge is designed to encourage your tenants to adopt your online service.

Being the starting line of channel shift, Nudge is an advanced customer engagement program built and powered by us, Prodo, to help kick-start people registering to use your service.

You don’t need to worry about finding time to manage these campaigns, they’ll run seamlessly in the background to attract and engage customers. Using clever tech and optimisation, customers will see just how easy it is to register and interact online.


Alternatively, you could be a little bit further along the digital transformation journey and already have people registered to your online services. But, what good are these people if they don’t continue to come back?

You need them as advocates of your online presence. If you want a stronger insight and see the full customer journey or want to demonstrate ROI and drive operational efficiencies, Shift learns and understands how your customers engage with your platform.

Designed to help get users repeatedly using your online services, Shift combines all of the registration activations from Nudge with data-driven design, closed-loop reporting and dynamic integrations for enhanced optimisation.

See the difference, side-by-side…

Screenshot 2021-04-29 at 09.24.07

If you have any questions or just want to know a little more, we’d ❤️  to chat! You can book a call with our Digital Strategists here at Prodo, who can walk you through Nudge and Shift in more detail and answer any questions. 

Or head to getshifting.co.uk to read up a little more!

05 / 05 / 2021 -

Channel Shift

Meet Nudge & Shift - our advanced customer engagement campaigns to accelerate your organisation's channel shift ambitions