09 / 04 / 2018

Why is it important to get inbound marketing and sales alignment with HubSpot?

Manchester United and Liverpool, Harry Potter and Voldemort, Sales and Marketing – these are all well known rivalries. And as a professional, you’ve probably been affected by one of these rivalries at


Manchester United and Liverpool, Harry Potter and Voldemort, Sales and Marketing – these are all well-known rivalries. And as a professional, you’ve probably been affected by one of these rivalries at some point during your life more so than others (unless you're a Manchester United, Liverpool or Gryffindor supporter), most likely, the rivalry between sales and marketing.

The process of lead scoring is key to inbound marketing, so more so than any other marketing methodology, marketing and sales teams need to align to create a harmonious smarketing team, let me tell you a bit more about it in this video.

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Some questions for you all… How many of you skip adverts? How many of you pause television purely to watch a television back without the adverts? How many of you reject withheld numbers, how many of you ignore news papers that come to the door littered with adverts? This is all interruptive marketing and we don't like that anymore, the consumer doesn't react to that sort of marketing anymore. And this is where inbound sales comes in. Now, inbound sales is about focusing on the individual needs, pain points and requirements of a consumer instead of tarnishing them all with one brush and trying to market to them all in one way.
One of the first things your organisations should do is create buyer personas – a buyer persona is a representation of the most important group of customers that you sell to. This should look at things like, where they hang out online, the websites they use, what time of day they browse the internet, the devices they use, what sort of content they like, what brands they like etc. And by focusing on individual buyer personas, but most importantly the bigger groups, what you actually find is that you run campaigns that work for the user. You stop running campaigns that the MD wants you to run, and you stop running campaigns that the daughter of the CEO wants to run.
Sales used to be ABC 'Always Be Closing'. The inbound methodology is ABH 'Always Be Helping'. The way users browse the internet now is by asking search engines questions – over 65% of things typed into google every single day now are questions. People asks questions, they ask “where can i find x ?” “what is the best x ?”, “how do i do x,y,z?”, and as a marketeer and a sales person, we need to ensure that we create content that those individuals can find. Typically, this content is very top of the funnel, and typically, it's very long tail. As a result, it’s much easier to rank for these keywords. With marketing automation platforms, such as Hubspot, you can create sequences and work flows that lead score prospects as they browse your website, read your emails, read your marketing collateral, come to your events, and so on. It's really important with lead scoring that you completely align your sales team and your marketing team, and what we suggest is a weekly smarketing meeting, where you and your marketing team get together and create that feedback loop. I think there’s always been competition and negativity between sales and marketing teams and it’s important that we bring these together, that they work together, refining that lead scoring process regularly so that the sales team and marketing team are completely aligned and working towards the same goal.
Getting inbound marketing and inbound sales to the heart of your business is quite easy. With modern marketing automation platforms it's so easy to be able to attribute every single penny of your marketing to individual actions and individual people, but it's also to persona groups as well. When asked, the majority of marketeers stated that they were unable to plot individual ROI to individual campaigns. The benefit of inbound marketing and inbound sales is that you're able to quantify every single penny of your marketing spend and see what comes out of the other end as well. This means that you're able to sit in your board room and and say to the board members, “this month the £15,000 you spent on inbound marketing has generated X in revenue” and it’s a much easier sell.

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