What is HubSpot? Part 2. Converting Traffic Into Leads

In What is HubSpot? Part 1. Converting strangers into traffic we covered how you could use the inbound marketing methodology and HubSpot to create traffic to your website using blog posts. Now we’re going to look at how we can apply the methodology and HubSpot to convert the traffic you’ve started to produce into leads – remember, in a lot circumstances, you’ll apply the approach covered in this article to pages that aren’t based on your blog, but for simplicity’s sake we’ll keep the focus here.

Content Offer

We now need to create a piece of content that’s valuable enough for the person who’s reading the blog post that we can justify gating it – and by ‘gating it’ we mean hiding it behind a form that allows you to capture data (usually email data). For the best conversions, you need to make this gated content, or ‘asset’, more valuable than the blog post the visitor is on, but similar enough to be sure that it will appeal. The piece of content that The Big Orange Jet Ski Company is going to offer is: An adrenaline junkie’s guide to the United Kingdom

This can theoretically be written as a ‘gated’ subsequent blog post, though if you have the resources to create it as a standalone piece of work, perhaps in the form of an ebook, then we’d recommend you do that. Whilst .PDF ebooks are best created offline, for full integration it’s preferable to host the .PDF on HubSpot’s media library. So we have our traffic, we have our content – we need to combine the two to turn that traffic into a lead.

Pop-up Creation

An adrenaline junkie’s guide to the United Kingdom (Lead Flow)

Don’t get scared by the term, ‘pop-up’ – we know most people absolutely despise them. But, with HubSpot’s pop-up tool, you can approach this method with an air of subtlety. The tool lets you select what size the pop up is, how intrusive it is and when/where it shows on a page. It also works flawlessly with your blog, so you can tailor the system to show which pop-up you want to show on which blog post.

Here, the idea of the pop-up is to give the traffic a quick route to download your gated content – in this instance, An adrenaline junkie’s guide to the United Kingdom – whilst capturing a small amount of data, most commonly ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’ and ‘Email’.

Landing Page Creation

An adrenaline junkie’s guide to the United Kingdom (Landing Page)

Using HubSpot’s optimised-for-conversion landing page layouts, we next create a content offer. For The Big Orange Jet Ski Company, and the content offer is an eBook called The 10 best places to jet ski in the world. The eBook is free to download, but only when the visitor leaves some information behind.

Again – like HubSpot’s blog system – HubSpot’s landing page system is forever being updated. Hubspot will always supply you with an objectively optimised landing page, but the drag-and-drop format system makes it easy to implement any changes that may be needed to suit your audience.


Danny Williams, Digital Consultant at Prodo, says: “When you think about it, HubSpot should be the masters of on-page conversion due to the amount of data they have to work with – they should be, and they are! By employing big-data tactics, HubSpot have created archetypal landing page templates.”


An adrenaline junkie’s guide to the United Kingdom (List)
TOFU UK Adrenaline Junkie (List)


There are two types of lists in HubSpot, smart and static – think of these as mailing lists. For now we’re going to be focusing on smart. You set up a series of rules that sort your contacts into lists, which will become invaluable when looking at converting your leads into sales.

All smart lists are built with at least one rule from the options shown above – but for creating a list simply to register someone as a new top-of-funnel (TOFU) contact, we’re only looking at one of these: ‘Form submission’.

As the contact entered the form TOFU UK Adrenaline Junkie Conversion (Form), they will enter the list TOFU UK Adrenaline Junkie (List). Entering that form on a specific page/lead flow – An adrenaline junkie’s guide to the United Kingdom (Landing Page)/An adrenaline junkie’s guide to the United Kingdom (Lead Flow) – means that they will also be entered into the list An adrenaline junkie’s guide to the United Kingdom (List).

Initial Email

Whilst subsequent emails will be based on further factors, the initial email that will be sent in response to the sign-up will be in direct relation to the asset downloaded – this will be sent out as soon as a person enters the asset-specific list An adrenaline junkie’s guide to the United Kingdom (List). This initially serves three purposes:

  • Fulfil: deliver the content that’s been promised to the person who signed up.
  • Legitimise: make sure the email address doesn’t bounce.
  • Optimise: offer routes to more similar content within the body of the email.

If you missed it, why not backtrack to read What is Hubspot? Part 1?