HubSpot Marketing Tools Masterclass
18 / 09 / 2020

HubSpot Marketing Tools Masterclass: Everything you need in one platform

Find out what tools you can replace with HubSpot - the all-in-one marketing software that helps your company with CRM, CMS, SEO, social media, marketing automation and analytics.

Are you fed up of having to switch between four or five different marketing tools to get the results you need? On average, marketers are using more than 12 different tools, using an ever-growing list of marketing software to help them deliver a range of tasks, from emails and blog posts to SEO and social media. And then we have to figure out how to compile all this information into reports...     

With so much data spread across different programs, the results can feel fragmented and inefficient. Not to mention costly! Which is where HubSpot kindly steps in... 

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing software program that provides you with all the tools to help your company with SEO, social media, blogging, email, landing pages, marketing automation and web analytics. Since 2006, HubSpot has evolved to be one of the leading content management systems in the world.

HubSpot isn’t done yet, back in September this year, the company announced the expansion of its growth platform with a whole load of new features. The biggest benefit of using HubSpot is the fact you can manage and monitor all from one place, enabling you to market on a whole new level.

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So, without further ado, welcome to your HubSpot Marketing Tools Masterclass...

Let’s start with your Marketing Dashboard, think of it as your base camp, the place you constantly return to for information, advice and suggestions. When reviewing your marketing dashboard, you’re able to change the date range, enabling you to monitor results of a particular month, quarter, year, etc. But what can actually be learnt from your marketing dashboard? 

  • Marketing performance shows the number of sessions on your site, amount of contacts generated and the number of customers generated.
  • Landing page performance displays the amount of views, submissions, view-to-submission rate and number of new contacts generated.
  • The email performance function allows you to track how many emails have been sent, how many emails have been opened and which emails have had the most clicks.
  • The contact performance report gives a clear view of how many new contacts, amount of leads and customers have been generated.
  • Top performing posts - whether it be landing pages, blog posts, social posts, emails, etc. Being able to see which blog was read most or which email was opened more will give you an idea of what works well and what doesn't.

Who needs Google Analytics? Through reporting and source tracking, HubSpot delivers a lighter overview of traffic to your website but most importantly, it can show you who is visiting your site, rather than just what they're looking at.

The 5 marketing tools HubSpot can replace

In order to sell anything, you need traffic to your site, to get that traffic you need to master your marketing...and HubSpot helps you do just that. With a number of marketing tools at your fingertips, you can personalise, organise and optimise, and bring all of your hard work into one platform.  

  1. Wordpress
    Wordpress is an open-source CMS platform, though it originally started out as blogging software. You'll need plenty of additional integrations and software to help you start to attract and delight any customers. HubSpot's user-friendly CMS brings together website creation, management and optimisation through a powerful CRM, allowing you to customise every stage of the customer journey, align sales and marketing and achieve true closed-loop reporting.
  2. Salesforce
    There's a huge range of CRM software on the market and Salesforce is one of the most prevalent. But the free HubSpot CRM system is more straight-forward and easy to understand, with much less admin work involved to save valuable resource. The biggest advantage to HubSpot's CRM is that it pulls together all of your customer data with your marketing data, which we all know is the key to success... 
  3. Hootsuite and Tweet Deck
    A sound social strategy is essential these days. Rather than having to log in to each individual channel, there are a range of tools that allow you to manage your accounts from one place, like Hootsuite. HubSpot's social management tools - Social Inbox and Publishing - allow you to schedule posts and monitor conversations, but again, the major benefit is that you can track the data from within and see which social posts your leads and customers are generated from. 
  4. Lead Forensics
    Ultimately, the processes behind Lead Forensics are a little bit sketchy when it comes to GDPR compliance. HubSpot features a Prospect tracking tool that can detect IP addresses for each page view and will surface any information that's publicly available should there be a company associated to the IP. You can segment your prospects, add them as a company record into your database and find similar companies in the industry.    
  5. Mailchimp
    Mailchimp is a marketing automation and email marketing service and the functionality can be expanded through a number of integrations. HubSpot delivers everything that Mailchimp does and more - their drag-and-drop editor is easy to use and there's plenty of templates for you to personalise. With continued growth, you'll get access to smart send times, A/B testing and more. When combined with the HubSpot CRM it's a force to be reckoned with - you'll be able to create detailed email campaigns with smart content for different customers, based on the information you have within your CRM and how they've interacted with your brand so far

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