29 / 05 / 2019

Inbound Marketing: How to Increase Your Inbound Sales

Cold-calling is dying out you’ll be pleased to know. Welcome inbound marketing – with inbound sales, the right people are targeted at the right time. We like to think of it as helping people rather than using pushy sales tactics.

Tired of receiving phone calls from a robotic-sounding salesman? We’ve all been there. It's now time to welcome inbound sales...

Well, cold-calling is dying out you’ll be pleased to know. Welcome inbound marketing – with inbound, the right people are targeted at the right time. We like to think of it as helping people rather than using pushy sales tactics.

Here are a couple of top tips for increasing sales with inbound marketing...

Map out a plan

Before jumping into anything, you need a well-thought out, thorough plan-of-action. You need to put yourself in the mind of the buyer and go through every step of their journey. Be clear of who you want to attract and create your strategy tailored to them.

inbound sales strategy

Create content that your audience actually wants to read

When it comes to inbound marketing, quality is key. Create content that buyers want to read and provide information that they’ll find useful and valuable. To do this, you need to know your audience inside-out: learn their online habits and tailor accordingly.

Having great content is all well and good but if your audience can’t find it then it’s useless. Spending some time on keyword research can really help boost your search rankings. Incorporating keywords, terms and phrases and can make the difference between some finding your content and your content getting lost.

Keep active on your social platforms

In today’s world, your social platforms are everything. They give you a chance to get closer to your audience. Keep active on relevant accounts (some may not work for your product/service) and engage with your customers. It’s a great way to share industry news, promote special offers and introduce new products: all of which give consumers an insight into your business.

Personalise everything

Inbound marketing is all about being less robotic and more human. You want your customers to feel well looked-after throughout the buyer’s journey, and that they aren’t just another number. Personalisation is key. Using inbound marketing technologies, you can monitor your buyer’s journey and observe their buying habits. Find out what they like; what their needs are, and offer additional resources. This is a great way to get personal with your audience.

Use a clever CRM

Inbound marketing is an ongoing process that in order to work and help you improve, needs continuous analysis. The most efficient way for you to achieve this is to look around for a clever CRM that has automation features and integrations, like HubSpot. This will save you time, helping you to focus on other important duties with the assurance that your inbound strategies are being monitored 24/7.


You’d be surprised at the amount of leads that get overlooked and therefore never convert. With the use of data-capture forms on your landing pages, you’ll be gathering information on each of your leads that can filter them into categories, ready for your sales team to pick up. You can find out things like what product they’re after, what questions they have, what companies they work for, and so on. When you reach out to these leads, try to advise rather than sell. Remember, you want to help your customers – give them a solution to their pain point.

Inbound is a relatively new way of marketing, and it can be very effective if done correctly. If you’re looking to develop an inbound strategy, be sure to download our ebook, how to create the ultimate inbound sales strategy.

inbound sales strategy

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