10 / 03 / 2017

How to increase organic click-through rates

Increasing your organic click through rate is hugely beneficial, Heres how to increase organic click through rates.

Increasing your organic click through rate (CTR) is hugely beneficial: here's how to do it. This is the second in a four-part series on CTRs, you can read the third here: Increasing your email click-through rates.


Increasing your organic click through rate is hugely beneficial and I don't need tell you that Google's changes with RankBrain are placing a great emphasis both on user experience, engagement and also, critically, click through rates.

Hone your meta titles and meta descriptions
So the main things you want to do to increase click through rates are to work on your meta titles and meta descriptions. These are what appear with in the SERPs snippets so your users get to see a snippet and preview of your website before they click through. We'd advise that you leverage any PPC data that you have so, if you're running ads at the moment, test what's working within your adverts in your meta titles and descriptions.

Place keywords and phrases close to the start of your meta titles
We're also big advocates of placing keywords near to the start of your meta titles to make sure the user can see that it's relevant to their search, and also bear in mind that user intent's a huge factor as well, so you really want to address that with the kind of content that you're working into the meta description. Try and keep your metas under the recommended lengths of less than less than 70 [characters] for the title and less than 160 [characters] for the meta description. Try not to go over this because you start to see some truncation - and that doesn't look good in the SERPs.

Optimise your images and answer questions
Lastly, we're starting to see more and more instances of images actually being pulled through from mobile into the SERPs, so alt text and file names are going to be really important for your images - make sure you're optimising and checking that regularly along with your meta titles (and) meta descriptions.

Bonus tip: answer questions!

Also make sure you answer as many questions as you can, because this gets you the opportunity to appear for the knowledge graph and the search answer boxes that appear!

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