20 / 02 / 2018

Insane in the Algorithm: Why Cypress Hill are absolutely killing it on Instagram

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If you’re not a fan of 1990s rap, Cypress Hill isn’t a name you’re going to stumble across a lot - well, unless you’re one of the 500m daily Instagram users. Cypress Hill - or the person behind their Instagram - is absolutely killing it, they have 1.2 million followers. Let’s put that into context against some similar artists from the 90s:

• Public Enemy - 109k followers
• Outkast - 142k followers
• The Roots - 281k followers
• Cypress Hill - 1,233k followers

What’s the reason? Well - the first conclusion you’d jump to is that Cypress Hill are the most popular of the four acts mentioned - wrong. Cypress Hill are actually bottom of the list of those four acts in terms of album sales.

Cypress Hill Instagram

The reason is their social media management. The people behind their Instagram know one key thing about Instagram’s timeline that has risen them to this level. Cypress Hill are abusing one of the key benefits of having a Verified Instagram account, which is the fact that their comments on other accounts' posts are displayed on your timeline.

Next time you’re on Instagram take notice of the comments sections visible on your timeline, the only comments you’ll see are going to be one of three types of accounts:

  1. Unverified accounts you follow
  2. Verified accounts you follow
  3. Verified accounts you don’t follow

Chances are Cypress Hill will probably fall into category number 3 for you, and chances are that you’ve seen them on your timeline because they comment on almost every post on accounts like these:

• National Geographic - 83.1m followers
• Instagram - 228m followers
• Nike - 75.3m followers
• Adidas - 17.3m followers
• The Rock - 96.2m followers

Cypress Hill CommentOn social media there is a conversion rate to everything. Cypress Hill are maximising their timeline impressions by using their ‘Verified’ status to hijack Instagram’s biggest accounts, which means whilst the conversion rate to a follow might be extremely low, it's still been high enough to elevate them above their ‘competitors’ on Instagram - all without spending a single pound coin (or dollar bill y’all).

Social media marketers take note!                                                                

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