Five Christmas Content Marketing Campaigns We Love

Meg Kershaw
Meg Kershaw
24 / 11 / 2016 | Prodo Insights

There’s nothing quite like a fantastically executed Christmas campaign to get us in the mood for the impending festivities.

Whilst we watch some of our favourite brands battle it out for the most emotive, memorable TV ad (John Lewis or M&S), we’ve put together a list of the best campaigns to hit the digital sphere…

Mulberry Miracle


Mulberry puts its own playful spin on the traditional Nativity story, the ‘Mulberry Miracle’. The lusted-after handbag is given to one lucky lady and, as she unravels it, travellers come from afar to witness the spectacle. With a cosy, crackling fire in the background and a dimly lit setting providing a dramatic backdrop for the cherry red Bayswater sitting front and centre, we can’t help but find ourselves entirely focused on the Queen of all Handbags.

We loved the way that this video campaign drew us in, conveying the brand perfectly and striking a heart-warming tone that convinced us a Mulberry would make the perfect Christmas gift.



This year, Selfridges has opted for an interactive Christmas landing page where you can discover lots of nifty, festive surprises, including a highly shareable ‘What’s Your Party Persona?’ quiz, exclusive events, tips, and gift inspiration. Good work, Selfridges!

Injecting the glamour into Christmas (as always), a catchy call-to-action to “gather, give and get on down” caught our attention and, having found out our party personas, we can’t wait for the Prodo Christmas party to see them in action!

Harrods x Burberry


A Christmas partnership with Harrods and Burberry brings a series of festive events promoted via their online digital campaign which lets you create your own personalised musical experience.

The animated video experience feels traditional, heightened by the paper-cut scenery, whilst the animation itself is extremely innovative and technical.

Why does it work? They’ve connected a traditional fairytale-esque tale with pioneering technology, which demonstrates how Burberry, as a brand, preserves its heritage status whilst staying current.

A Very British Fairytale is also an in-store campaign which has been an entire nine months in the making and takes over the Knightsbridge store’s 29 windows with flying cars, floating bathtubs, and secret passageways. They certainly haven’t done things by halves!

Tiffany & Co


Tiffany’s Joy Comes Out Of The Blue campaign presents the most seamless scrolling navigation experience we’ve seen all year – and it’s one with a twist. Scroll down with your mouse and you’ll find yourself floating in the opposite direction upwards on the page – very cleverly done as it immediately captures your attention, and is a sure fire way to drive engagement and keep you on the page. Float through the experience and discover the most incredible diamonds, watches, necklaces and more.

Trend alert! Tiffany & Co is another brand that has chosen a paper-cut style of animation for its Christmas marketing campaign, taking its consumers on a virtual journey through a winter wonderland, with carefully selected products matched to a personality type (e.g. the dreamer) – content marketing at its most magical!



Working alongside Penguin Books and Lupus Films, Barbour has taken a trip down Memory Lane, creating a bespoke version of The Snowman and The Snowdog. The short Christmas film ends with Barbour’s chosen campaign tagline – ‘gifts they’ll remember’ – which ties in neatly with the theme of nostalgia, whilst putting emphasis on Barbour as an eternal brand.

Alongside the animation, Barbour has created an email marketing campaign that asks consumers to nominate a loved one to win a special gift. And it doesn’t just ask for a name and email address as most competitions do – Barbour is asking consumers to share why the nominee should win a gift, which will no doubt trigger some heart-warming and PR-able stories.

To top it off, the campaign is coupled with the launch of the @BarbourDogs Instagram page… Cute dogs and Christmas rolled into one – Barbour is aiming right for the centre of our hearts with this year’s online campaign!

Meg Kershaw
Meg Kershaw

Marketing Manager