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Rob Walker
Rob Walker
17 / 07 / 2019 | Website Development





If you’re constantly uploading new blogs, refreshing content and updating news pages, then you need to invest in a reliable CMS. A CMS is somewhat revolutionary in the marketing world, allowing you to edit and publish content without having to disturb the code. Here are a few things to consider before choosing your CMS:

1. Avoid having to rely on development work

Developer work takes time and costs money, so the more you can do without will benefit you in the long run. Being able to edit content without having to get into the website’s code makes it easier to make simple changes at half the cost and time.

2. Must be scalable

Overtime, your business will expand and you need to ensure your website is running at the same pace. It’s all well and good focusing on business growth but if your website can’t keep up, it can have a lasting impact. Therefore it’s important to choose a content management system that is scalable.

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3. Keep it user-friendly

Investing in a CMS can be a great move for your business but if your staff are unable to use it, it’s a huge waste opt for one that is user-friendly. A user-friendly CMS means it’s accessible to a wider range of people and you don’t have to be a code expert to make an edit, reducing the number of tasks that are being bottlenecked. CMS’ such as Umbraco and HubSpot have really simple content modules, allowing you to drag and drop, add CTAs, landing pages, videos, images and so on.

4. Ensure it has APIs and supports integrations

Marketing should be thought of as more of a partner than anything else since it works together with a number of other tools to make it what it is. Automation, analytics and personalisation are all key features in any successful marketing campaign, a CMS that has strong APIs will allow you to easily connect with these third-party tools.

5. Support is everything

With any new software, you’ll need help when putting it to use, so you need to find a CMS that has a good support package. HubSpot offer a full support service to paying customers, including support tickets, call and email. Their free customers have access to HubSpot Community which is manned by fellow customers and employees.

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Rob Walker
Rob Walker

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