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Alex McCormick
21 Min Read

21 things we love about Prodo

For those who haven’t heard, Prodo turned 21 this year. In July, we had a big party to celebrate our coming of age and we’re..

7 Min Read

Video Content Predictions from 2017 That Came True


“2017 should be the year you start using the channel of video to your advantage. With the constant rise of video across..
17 / 08 / 2018   |  
Prodo Insights
11 Min Read

Channel Choice vs. Channel Shift in the Public Sector

In March 2017, the UK government published a policy paper outlining its digital strategy “to develop a world-leading digital..

13 / 06 / 2018   |  
Channel Shift
12 Min Read

Pokemon Let's Go: Should We Expect Even More Marketing Magik (arp)?

So last week, Nintendo and the Pokemon company casually dropped two more titles for the Nintendo Switch: Pokemon Let's Go..

01 / 06 / 2018   |  
Prodo Insights
7 Min Read

Fortnite Frenzy: Does Fortnite Spell the Future of Marketing?

"Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe. But this... does put a smile on my face" (Thanos).

10 / 05 / 2018   |  
Prodo Insights
7 Min Read

3 Ways to Optimise Your Event Space With Inbound

One of the best things about event venues is that each one is different and has its own unique qualities - whether it’s the..

08 / 05 / 2018   |  
Inbound Marketing
11 Min Read

GDPR: Is Your Organisation at Risk of Non-compliance Because of Facebook?


Facebook has been the hot topic on everyone's lips recently in light of the Cambridge analytica scandal, and with the..

04 / 05 / 2018   |  
Prodo Insights
9 Min Read

The relationship between semiotics and pharmaceutical marketing

Signs are all around us.

Whether it's directory signs in an office, traffic signs on the street, a tube map or a campaign..

19 / 04 / 2018   |  
conversational marketing