26 / 04 / 2017

Why you should address your LinkedIn strategy now

Why you should address your LinkedIn strategy now

LinkedIn had its biggest update ever at the start of 2017. On the surface it seemed like a simple user interface redesign but, in fact, the update means businesses have to approach LinkedIn completely differently.

Jack Rowley: You’ve probably noticed that over the past few months that LinkedIn has changed quite a bit – well, it’s not only the frontend that has changed, it’s also the backend and that’s probably what’s most important for businesses to realise.

The biggest change, well, that would be the removal of viral reach from business profiles. Basically that means that only the people that like your LinkedIn page will see your posts. So viral reach, people liking your posts and people sharing your posts, none of their networks will see your posts anymore, only the people that like your page.

How do you counteract that?

Well, the biggest way to do it would be a paid budget on a post. If you don’t want that or it is not a long-term solution for all of your posts, then using your staff user profiles is probably your best option.

This is because whilst they’ve removed viral reach from business profiles, user profiles' viral reach still remains. You’ll notice it next time you’re scrolling through your timeline. So, distribute content via your staff and remember that viral reach doesn’t exist on business profiles anymore.

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