5 reasons why your lead generation strategy isn't working
03 / 08 / 2020

5 reasons why your lead generation strategy isn't working

Do you feel like your lead generation strategy isn't working as it should? We've got five reasons why this might be!

Lead generation: why is it important? Well, with consumers’ buying habits continually changing, it’s important that us marketers keep finding new ways to reach buyers. These days, we need to rely on our audience finding us rather than us reaching out to them, helping form a better, more trusting relationship.

Now, you might be thinking, hang on, I’ve ticked all the boxes, why am I not seeing results? Well, to help you really iron out your strategy and find out where you could be going wrong, we’ve highlighted some of the main issues that could be holding you back…


5 reasons why your lead generation strategy isn't working
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1. Your audience isn’t accurate. Don’t forget your buyer personas!

Ask yourself, do you really know your audience? Could you tell someone what their pain points are? Is your content relevant and valuable to them? At this point, we advise you to take another look at your buyer personas because you could have misaligned your content to your audience.

Are your buyer personas up to date? Do you have these people in mind when producing content? Have you really dug deep to understand where they get information from and what kind of content they’re already engaging with? Perfecting your audience is vital to the success of your lead generation strategy.

2. You’re treating it as a race: slow down.

The whole lead generation strategy is a process that needs time to show what it’s capable of. Don’t rush trying to get content out, you’ll only end up spamming your audience with irrelevant information, wasting both you and your audience’s time. Ever heard the phrase quality over quantity? Of course you have. This is what you need to have in mind when getting creative. Take your time, produce work that is truly useful and informative and finally, nurture your leads. Feed them valuable knowledge, provide relevant help and build a genuine relationship with your leads. This kind of process doesn’t happen overnight – as with any relationship, be patient.

3. You’re not putting your customers first.

If you’re talking all about yourself, what you do, what you offer, why you’re the best - your audience is going to get bored. It’s all well and good shouting about yourself but if it doesn’t educate or help your audience they’re not going to be interested. Think about what they what will help them reach your solution – what are their pain points and challenges? What articles do they want to read? What videos do they like to watch? Take a step back and analyse whether your content, both on and off the website, is for your audience or for your brand.

4. You haven’t optimised for mobiles and tablets.

In today’s digital world, over half of all internet usage is done via mobile or tablet, which is why it’s imperative that your website is easily accessible and provide an optimal user experience across all devices. Whenever your audience is ready to find you, you need to be available. If your forms break, there’s too much scrolling or your website is too slow to load, you’ll struggle to retain leads – 57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile.

5. Where are your CTAs?

Your call to actions are what link up your strategy and direct your audience through the funnel to provide their data and eventually find your solution. Every blog post and every email should have a relevant CTA placed somewhere on the page, driving them to the next action, whether that be booking a call, making an enquiry or downloading a piece of long-form content. Sometimes you can have too many CTAs towards different end-goals, which can cause confusion and mean customers won’t convert.


So, have you spotted why your lead generation strategy might not be working? Follow these points as a guide to help get closer to your goal. Remember, it all comes down to your audience and what they want, focus on building lasting relationships rather than selling your product or service.

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