5 of the Best Halloween Marketing Campaigns 2018

If there’s one things brands love, it’s capitalising on holidays  and Halloween is a marketing opportunity to die for. Given the amount of money the UK spends on Halloween every year, it’s no surprise that so many brands jump into the social media jungle to try and grab the attention of customers, so here’s our pick of the best Halloween marketing campaigns so far!

1. Fanta

Fanta launched its largest experimental campaign with new Snapchat lenses and filters, as well as two new flavours especially for the spooky season: Blood Orange Zero and Pink Grapefruit Zero.

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2. Lush Cosmetics

Lush launched an exclusive Halloween-themed collection that’s screaming to be Instagrammed. Their clever usage of Instagram Stories and feed content gives you a full preview of their products, showing their flexibility and creativity. And their #LushHalloween hashtag gives customers a chance to share their Lush experiences…

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3. Netflix

As Netflix & Chill has become a popular pastime in a lot of households, this October you can indulge in ‘Netflix & Chills’: a collection of all our spooky favourites; movies and TV shows. And if you’re struggling to decide just how creeped out you want to be, they’ve even created a ‘What to Watch Based on Scare Factor’ infographic:

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4. M&Ms

M&Ms are scarily good at surprising their fans with seasonal campaigns, and this year their marketing stunt includes a short video and limited-edition pumpkin flavoured M&Ms. They’ve also created a creepy Snapchat filter and are giving away tips, tricks and video recipes for spooky treats on their Instagram…

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5. Bacardi

Betting that people are ready for the frights and delights of Halloween season, Bacardi have created an eerie Halloween cocktail film reminiscent of old-school horror films. More than just a recipe video, the brand draws inspiration from horror classics like The Shining, The Ring, Saw and Psycho - so consumers can really get in the spirit as they mix up creepy cocktails.

Feeling inspired? If you’re a marketer, Halloween is a great time to build your brand and flaunt your personality. If you play it right, you can make your next marketing campaign frighteningly good!

Mary-Kate McAllister
Mary-Kate McAllister

Content Exec