13 / 03 / 2019

5 futuristic websites that’ll blow your mind

5 futuristic websites that’ll blow your mind

We live in the digital age. We’ve seen it all. Nothing truly has that ‘wow’ factor any more, right?


The internet is still a hive of creativity and we spend a lot of time in and around it. Despite that, there are still a few things that make our jaws hit the floor in amazement – and we’ve brought together our Top 5 futuristic websites so you can enjoy the wonderment of some amazing, innovative content without having to sift through the rest of the web.


1: Pottermore - Discover your patronus

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Pottermore is the digital publisher for J.K. Rowling's wizarding world and all thing Harry Potter. The site offers merchandise, entertainment, news, features and unreleased writing by J.K. Rowling, and dedicates itself to ‘unlocking the power of imagination.’

If you like Harry Potter as much as I do, you'll have already checked out Pottermore and maybe even taken part in the sorting hat quiz.

But perhaps the most mind-blowing part of the site is the newest feature – Discover Your Patronus. This was written by J.K. Rowling and asks the user to think of their happiest memory and then answer various questions, including a personality test, whilst being guided around an animated version of the Forbidden Forest.

Once the user has finished the quiz, their Patronus is revealed (mine was a Greyhound) and, whenever you return to Pottermore, you’ll rejoin your Patronus which will follow you around the site.

This is a very cool feature and you really need to see it for yourself here.


2 Sirin

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The Sirin Solarin is a revolutionary new smartphone brought to us by Sirin Labs. As the £9,500 price tag indicates, the phone is intended as a high-end luxury device for those who can really afford it. The phone has a number of flashy features, including encrypted messaging, email and phone calls, and looks like something a spy would use.

To go with this phone, Sirin has created a super hi-tech website, which looks like something from Mission Impossible or James Bond. The website is a feast for the eyes, with stunning visual features that react to your mouse movements, making you feel like you’re in a hi-tech thriller.

Check it out for yourself here.


3: Bentley Motors

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Bentley Motors is a name that screams quality and, if you ever come to Cheshire, you’ll probably see footballers wives driving them around the countryside.

The Crewe-based car manufacturer has an amazing reputation for attention to detail and it’s capitalised on this with its new website feature – the world's most high-definition photograph. You can explore the cityscape of Dubai in minute detail, scrolling from high up in the clouds down to the badge of a Bentley on the street. You can even see bistro tables and gym equipment in the windows of the high-rise buildings and joggers going for a morning run.

Your journey into the extraordinary begins here.

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4: Rainforest Foods

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Rainforest Foods' mission is to help people combine nutrition with modern living. It sources wholefoods with exceptional nutritional richness that support modern lifestyles rather than forcing them to change.

The Rainforest Foods experience takes you on a journey through the rainforest, where you get to experience real sounds and visuals which give you a fascinating insight into the world’s rainforests.

I will warn you, it can take a little time to load – and the experience is a lot better on mobile than desktop – but it’s worth waiting a bit longer than normal to explore this stunning site, which takes you through the story of Rainforest Foods via a dynamic jungle landscape.

Transport yourself to the tropical rainforests here.


5: Meet Graham

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Meet Graham, the only person designed to survive on our roads. The site is ultimately an educational tool that shows us what we might look like if we evolved to survive low impact crashes on the road.

Project Graham is a website with some nifty interactive functions, including a 360 tour of Graham where you can see inside and view the bone, muscle and organ structure. It’s kind of creepy but pretty mind blowing at the same time.

Take a 360 tour of Graham here.


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