This Week In #ProdoLife, 3rd October 2016

This week at Prodo has been a busy one with a new employee recognition scheme, client meetings and desk changes all around Prodo. So here we go, five photos to sum up the past week in Prodo life!

Autumn Arrives At Prodo Sent By Jenny

Even though summer is over, Prodo still looks pretty good in the autumn. Jenny caught this snap on her way into work, not bad Jen.


Bulking Up Sent by Alex

Paul and Izzy visited clients Total Fitness after the launch of a new website. Total Fitness is one of the North’s leading fitness brands and currently has 17 centres across the North of England and Wales.


Desk Buddies Sent by Katie

There has been a little bit of desk movement around Prodo this week. Rob ended up sitting next to Prodo’s own Willy Wonka, Katie. Rob was happy about this!


Our First Proudo Sent by Jack

Little did Rob know as he walked into the monthly company update that he would leave wearing a cape. Rob was awarded the first ‘Proudo’, an award that recognises hard-work. During October Rob gets a fast-track queue pass to the cake-hole, a reserved parking spot right next to the front door and yes, the money can’t buy Proudo Cape.


Sneaky Amy Sent by Amy

Whilst Alex was off Amy decided she wanted to play with his camera over in Melcombe Street. Even though Alex was a tiny bit annoyed when he returned, he couldn’t fault her photograph skills! Looking good Kel.


Jack Rowley About the author

Jack Rowley is Prodo Digital's Marketing Manager. Jack has three loves in his life - social media, content and music.

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