This Week In #ProdoLife, 2nd January 2017

This week in #ProdoLife we tackled the post-Christmas blues, awarded our first Proudo of 2017 and Mary-Kate got very angry over a tree.

Back To The Office Sent By Alex

Post-Christmas blues hit the office, but it wasn’t all bad as we all gathered together to welcome each other back.


Rob Loves His Chips Sent by Kim

You haven’t seen true love until you’ve seen Rob holding chips after staff drinks – still a better love story than Twilight.


Proudo Beno Sent by Jack

What a way to start 2017. Beno became our first Proudo for the year – well done Benjamin!


Duke Gets Smart Sent by Rob

I think Duke could feel the post-Christmas blues in the office, so he decided to get his best on and come and cheer us all up. Duke, you little show off.


Mary-Kate The Christmas Tree Troll Sent by Danny

This week unfortunately some of us found out what pure terror looks like. It looks like a Content Executive running at you when you try to take the Christmas tree down before the 6th January.


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Jack Rowley is Prodo Digital's Marketing Manager. Jack has three loves in his life - social media, content and music.

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