This Week In #ProdoLife, 19th September 2016


This Week In #ProdoLife, 19th September 2016

This week at Prodo has been a busy one with the end of summer, an exhibition and a celebration. So here we go, five photos to sum up the past week in Prodo life!

Prodo’s Greatest Bromance? Sent By Danny

Remember Turner & Hooch? Well at Prodo we’ve gone one better, Williams & Duke. The duo spent their lunch together in what was perhaps the last day of our ‘summer’ on Tuesday. A better love story than Twilight.


Congratulations Michel! Sent by Hannah

His hair has now been the envy of the men at Prodo for three whole years now! This week Michel celebrated three years with us. Congratulations Mike, the place wouldn’t be the same without you!


Tumbling Dice Sent by Alex

Team Prodo Housing headed down to Birmingham for the National Housing Federation Exhibition armed with pick and mix and a pair of giant dice. You may ask, the reason for dice? Well it was all part of our competition to win a custom Prodo Housing bike!


Spiderdom Sent by Scott

Dom took to the skies whilst completing some operational maintenance work with Rob. Anybody else think this looks like a scene from a really poorly produced Spiderman film? No? Just me then.


Paul And His Mate Sent by Paul

Paul bumped into an old friend of Prodo on his way back from the National Housing Federation Exhibition. For those that don’t know, Paul is on the right.


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