This Week In #ProdoLife, 17th October 2016

This week at Prodo has saw the final UK Inbound 2016 event at Emirates Old Trafford.

Our Last UK Inbound 2016 Sent By Alex

After hundreds of attendees across three events at UK Fast, Google and now Emirates Old Trafford, our UK Inbound 2016 series of events have come to an end. Here are the team at Emirates Old Trafford looking like they’re about to drop the worst album of 2017.


Big Boots Sent by Alex

At the start of 2017 Mike was new to public speaking, and now he’d give Barack a run for his money. You can’t help but think that it is starting to get to his head though.


Bunch Of Plankers Sent by Alex

Alex headed up the planking session at UK Inbound 2016, Emirates Old Trafford, because a Prodo event wouldn’t be a Prodo event without a bit of casual mid-afternoon yoga.


We Have A Winner! Sent by Alex

All that planking wasn’t for nothing, it was one of our famous challenges at UK Inbound 2016, Emirates Old Trafford. Congratulations to our winner, Megan!


One Year On Sent by Rob

Meanwhile, back at the office Jen celebrated her first year at Prodo, happy Prodoversary Jen!


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