Pokémon Go. Can It Really Be Used As A Marketing Platform?

So, if you’ve touched social media over the past week, you’ll have heard of something called Pokémon Go. For those that don’t know, Pokémon Go is a smartphone app (currently Android and iOS) that allows users to explore the real world and capture Pokémon via a combination of smartphone and augmented reality.

Pretty nifty idea, hey? But how has it been received?

Amazingly, figures indicate that the platform now has more daily users than Twitter in the US [Source: The Guardian] and as you’d expect, over 75% of downloads of the app came from 15 – 30 year olds. With the worldwide launch coming soon, it is expected that these stats will be replicated worldwide.

Although not officially released in the UK, it is still available via loopholes and indirect ways of downloading the application. Indications via social media show that the application will be just as popular but figures are not yet measurable.


The question is, “if the application has more active users than Twitter, can it be use as marketing platform? And if so, how?” The part of Pokémon Go that has interested marketers is a function called ‘Lure Modules’. Lure Modules are placed at points of interest in the real world (or Pokepoints), and these places will attract Pokémon for 30 minutes, meaning that Pokémon Go players will flock towards these points!


Now you understand the tool, here is a real life example of how this can work for businesses, from our Marketing Manager (and lifelong Pokémon fan), Jack.

“A friend of mine sent me a screenshot of a Tweet on WhatsApp at 18:56 last night, the Tweet was from a bar in Liverpool and read, ‘Hey! Pokemon Go fans. We’ll have Lure Modules active in our bar from 20:00 to 22:00.’

By 19:50 we were in the bar, with our phones out waiting for the Lure Module to activate. I think we ended up having three pints each. There were about, 30 people in the bar playing Pokemon Go, considering that two hours’ worth of Lure Modules only cost £3.16, that isn’t a bad return on investment.”

The concept of using Pokémon Go as a marketing platform is certainly a viable one. If your business is a physical establishment, and your product allows your customer to stay on your premises, then this is something to keep on your radar! Combined with a clever use of social media broadcasting, you could be catching customers in no time.

List of Businesses That Would Be Perfect To Trial Marketing Via Pokemon Go:

  • Independent Bars/Pubs
  • Restaurants/Cafes
  • Cinemas
  • Independent Shops
  • Tourist Attractions
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