Google Update: Mobile-Friendly Sites Get Boost in Search

With 60+ % of website traffic now coming from mobile* (a number that varies depending on the industry), an update that will favour mobile-friendly sites – and one that we’ve anticipated for a long time! – has finally been announced by Google.

The update, announced on the Official Google Webmaster Blog, and thought will be implemented on or around April 21st, will have a significant impact on the search results on mobile devices in two big ways. It has not yet been announced if it will be a slow roll out across languages and domains, or a ‘lights on’ overnight switch across the board.

Read on to find out what changes you should expect with the update, and what we suggest you do in order to prepare for its impact.

More mobile-friendly websites in search results

After the update hits, those sites that offer a mobile friendly experience to the user will have an additional boost in the search results. This is the obvious next step for Google as they aim to deliver the most relevant and satisfying results for their user. Sending a mobile user to a site that doesn’t work well on their device makes little sense; it results in frustration, and ultimately, in abandonment of the site for want of a better experience.

In a rather thoughtful move from the Google crew, the early announcement of the update allows businesses several weeks to look into how their site is faring, and react accordingly.

What we recommend businesses and clients do next

If your site is responsive: fine-tune and optimise it over the coming weeks. In case you’re worried that your site is not mobile friendly, Google’s mobile-friendly guidelines are here. You can also use their smart tool in order to do a mobile-friendly test of your site.

If you know that your site is not mobile responsive, now is the time to consider investing in a full re-vamp. As mobile traffic increases month on month, one of the focuses for Google moving forward will undoubtedly now be on improving the users experience on mobile.

Google have also announced a second part to the update:

More app content in search results

In another anticipated move, Google revealed that they will begin to monitor and use information from app indexing. This means that in the near future we can expect to see content from apps appear more prominently in the mobile search results.

If you need assistance on navigating this new update, the Google Webmasters are offering a 4-week series on mobile-friendliness on Google+. Alternatively, get in touch with Prodo, and find out how we can help you get ahead in the mobile search results.

*Stat from: Small Biz Trends, July 2014.

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