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Responsive Web Design: Do you need it?

If you consider the wealth of technology that accesses the internet every day, from PCs to macs, laptops to tablets, mobile phones to televisions, it’s hard to imagine a sane web designer or developer. When attempting to create a website for the masses, the variety...

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Web Design in a Prodo Bite: Our Top 10 Web Design Tips

Here at Prodo, we have some of the best web designers around working just for us. As much as we think we’re a lucky group of digital marketers, we’ve recently decided that we’ve been a little too greedy keeping them and their specialities a secret! So, for this edition of the Prodo blog, we decided to ask some of our designers to reveal their top design tips! Here goes, enjoy…

1. Guide your users’ eyes through skillful design manipulation

When it comes to a good website design, the user should be led around the screen by you, the designer. However, before you attempt to be the navigator, you should remember the pattern in which users’ eyes move. Generally, their eyes move in an ‘F’ pattern; starting top left (usually with a large set logo), moving down the left-hand side and across.

Harnessing the Power of Eye-Tracking

We came across a great case study last week about how Eye Tracking helped one company in Toronto create a study into how users viewed search results on Google Places. Using the Tobii eye tracking machine they used eye tracking to determine the gaze of...

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Two Prodo Sites Make New Designer’s Web Handbook

The Web Designer’s Idea Book is stocked full with ideas to help designers get that extra spark of inspiration needed to convert all those bright ideas floating around into fully realised, spectacular websites. The new book from the same publishers, The Designer’s Web Handbook promises to “demystify the various technologies and components of the web and enable the designer to effectively embrace the medium.”