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What is Umbraco?

So you’ve decided you definitely want a new website, or a total rebuild of your old one. Even if it’s only been a couple of years since your last major revamp – and we know for some of you it might be a bit longer –...

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10 signs you probably need a new website

No beating around the bush here – your time is precious. The biggest, number one sign you need a new website is that you’re here, reading this article. Marketers are an intuitive bunch, so if your gut is telling you that you need one, you probably...

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Why you should address your LinkedIn strategy now

LinkedIn had its biggest update ever at the start of 2017. On the surface it seemed like a simple user interface redesign but, in fact, the update means businesses have to approach LinkedIn completely differently. Transcript Jack Rowley: You’ve probably noticed that over the past few months...

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How secure is your website?

Do you know how vulnerable your website is? Cybercrime is on the rise, there’s no doubt. According to Google’s own blog for webmasters1, in 2016 the number of hacked websites increased by 32%. Is your organisation adequately protected? Read on to find out what the key issues...

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Website trends that you need to know about

Website trends are changing all the time, here's a snapshot of the latest things you need to know about when thinking of building a new site. Transcript Danny Williams: Website trends for 2017, we’re going to see an increase in Chatbots - so artificial intelligence actually answering...

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Have a basket of guilt-free Easter Eggs on us!

It’s Easter, so we’re surrounded by more chocolate than Willy Wonka and more temptation than Heaven 17. But if you have committed to being healthy this year and are still using that Fitbit, we’ve got the perfect treat for you. Our Easter Eggs are 100% chocolate-free but...

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